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Hi warriors,

My name is Mauro (from Portugal).
I finished my bachelor in Marketing (Marketing Manegement) and now, i am really confused. I stoped my studies to work as an intern in a small digital consultor to discover what i really want. Now, i realized that i need to continue to improve my Marketing skills and that's why i'm looking for a really good master.

My problem is: What kind of marketing i want?

I think i don't like so much about Digital Marketing, but yes, it's the future.
But what i really love, it's making marketing plans, strategies, experimental marketing, analyse new markets, branding and brand management,

- For example: One company come to me and ask, how can i enter in China? I need to do a market research and after, create a Marketing Plan with all the answers that CEO needs to enter there.
After that, study the best way to conquer their target, and how to implement our communication and advertising

I think i really want to study abroad (if you know good colleges/masters i will apreciate that).
The text and probably my english can be a little bit confusing, i am sorry for that.

Anyone can help me?
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    Originally Posted by Mauro Matias Henriques View Post

    Anyone can help me?
    Don't know if this will help, but I believe your best bet would be to try to talk to a placement counselor at a local university as if you were interested in attending there and then pick their brain like crazy.

    You'll have the added benefit of being able to clearly outline your goals without the impediment of a language barrier.

    Sorry. That's all I've got. :-(

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    • Well, it's true Frank! But actualy, i have no idea where i can find one Couselor here in Portugal.

      Thanks for your reply Frank,

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    I've gotta say if you didn't get a feel for the sort of marketing that you're interested in during your degree, then it's probably best to just give a few different types a shot. There's nothing stopping you from joining a company (or starting your own thing) and leaving if it's not what you're really after.

    That said, digital + data does seem like the way forward to me.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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