Can you recommend a plagiarism checker?

by bugzy
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I'm looking for a free one.

I've already search but there's plenty of results and I wonder what are you guys using?
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    honesty and or integrity
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    I agree with Aaron. You're far better using Copyscape and paying 5 cents each time you use it than trying a free site that doesn't identify problems correctly.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    The best free method I've found is to pull a random sentence from an article and enter it as:

    "(random sentence copy/pasted here between quotes"

    Works pretty well. However, what I use personally is copyscape Premium - I buy $10 worth of credits every 8-10 months.
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    quetext , plagscan works well for me.
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    All plagiarism checkers are junk compared to a simple Google search. Nobody has better web crawling resources than Google.

    Use double qoutes, example:
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    I personally follow the practice of copy-pasting the long phrase of the content in Google search box and find if it's duplicate or not. If I don't find anything worthy from it, I use plagiarism checkers like Duplichecker, Copyscape etc.
    Paid plagiarism checkers provides more insights though.

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    Copyscape is the best to go with.
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    This one works fine for me. Have a look to see if it fits your needs - its 1000 words per check.
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    You can use the plagiarisma(dot)net. It costs nothing and gives better results.
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    I use the smallseotools to check the plagiarism. I find it good enough. But there are paid tools available which are more advanced.
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    I never use free plagiarism checkers cause all of them provide an inaccurate report and often even make mistakes in sources. You can try and paste some copied text from some website and any free checker may show you that content is original or vice versa. So you can use Google search as previously was mentioned. Or you can use some paid with affordable price, for example Unicheck . I've recently read that they'll have new pricing soon where you pay for the page, not for the time during which you use it (month, year for example).
    I'm planning to use it myself cause it'll be convenient for me as I use it 2 or 3 times a year and I don't want to buy a month pack.
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    Copyscape and small seo tools are the best.
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