Anyone doing Steemit ??

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I know there has been some talk about it here a few months ago. Its getting a lot of acclaim, some good and bad.

Just wondering the experiences of others here with it, lately?

If you don't know It's a social media platform based on the Cryptocurrency called Steem and backed by the public ledger known as a blockchain.

Similar to FB in some regards but totally different in that people write Content and get to share in the actual revenue ..whereas FB and Reddit let you share Content but they take all the Revenue and monetization for themselves. ( greedy bast@rds lol)
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    Been on it since June. It similar to reddit in feel. If you like a lot of different subjects you have to use its current search and show all posts if not the basic ones that show up suck. They give you private keys if you loose them your locked out of your account!!! No way to recover them. I saw Ryan Biddulph joined from here, but not sure if he still visits there. Some posts are about flat earth, politics, Anarchy, food, if you are into that stuff. Who ever likes space is going to like it there. A lot of crypto currency stuff, photos, sports and more. There is no real spam controls now other than downvoting a post. Lots of bots that are annoying anything goes almost on that site. Even have a NSFW section for people into porn!

    Don't expect to make a lot of money. Followers are important to build up a reputation. There are so many posts that go up every day that your posts can buried within minutes and never seen.

    I spend time in the science section, photos, and read sndbox posts & the boinc project to help society. The WF still has the classic forum Steem does not.

    Hope that covers some of it there is more but not sure what you like. Also it is still in the early stages, I think if the WF used the crypto format like this does, freelancer and the better posters here would make out very good. IMHO.
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    I just join steemit a couple of days ago. I haven't published anything, I just resteem for now. I'll keep an eye on how it grows.
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    Okay I made my first Post..the #introduceyourself one

    I got 4 Upvoted and made $.06 in just a few minutes.

    Woot woot...big money lol.

    Well we'll see how it goes. I think most people think since there is no censorship it will be a Spamfest.

    I don't think so, once spammers realize everyone just votes them down and they make nothing at all.

    Too democratic for spammers to hang out there lol. You can't really game anything
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    I have not joined but have talked to a few people that have. They have made money from it, not sure how much or if they ever cashed out on it. Would be great if it really worked.
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    I submitted my info to join Steemit a couple of days ago but haven't received a response from them yet. How long does it usually take to get a login?
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      Originally Posted by Mark Lovett View Post

      I submitted my info to join Steemit a couple of days ago but haven't received a response from them yet. How long does it usually take to get a login?
      Took about a week when I joined. Volume of signups play into the lenght of time.
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    It's full Steem ahead for me.

    Just got accepted into the #theAlliance. It's a sub group within Steemit. They put you through a pretty stringent Application process where you have to prove that you are a capable writer and content producer . And one who can contribute to the Team on a consistent basis. Took about 6 weeks to go thru the Process. Many are rejected

    Anyway, I will keep peeps here up to date and pop in here every so often.
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    Congrats.... So is this going to be your full time gig?
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    I agree with you, but i suggest never stop learn.
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