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by rizzan
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i am kind of new to this forum, so i'd apreciate the help.

i have the following LP -

now, i try and promote them on Google adwords search. and the conversion rate is just awful...

i get leads, but the conversion rate is 0.5% which, i get get better then that on other fialds form display.
one of the major issues is the bounce rate which is 95%. but the page loads relatively fine, so i don't know why that is, aside maybe from different templates ideas.

what do you think?
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    I think the main problem is the lack of Copy, and the fact that the Copy wasn't written in Native English or by a Copywriter.

    I'd get a Native English-speaking Copywriter to write it for you. The CRO aspect isn't all that bad imo. Copy is probably your main issue here.
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      ok, thank you for your reply. will try to amend that
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    just looked at this on tablet and its really messed up. you'll not get mobile traffic to convert.

    And the other thing, why would you want to collect telephone numbers? I wouldn't give it to you.

    free ebook just collect email address. if your form collects first name too conversions will drop. and so on.
    of course if you make them fill name and phone number too, only people who really really want your ebook will opt in.

    so maybe conversion rate is low but the leads you get are first rate. that's something you can test.
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    Just in case you didn't know, Google and Facebook recently banned Crypto ads. I would pause and remove them, immediately.
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    I would do a completely different landing page... this one is just average and the english is no so great.
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