Multiple or One Channel is THE BEST for YouTube, What Do you think?

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HI, this is Sudipto who has more than 3-year experience in Digital marketing. During my carrier, I learn a lot of things in my domain. So, I want to share this knowledge with the digital world through a YouTube channel and my blog.
With this, I have also a hobby. I love to create new and useful things from wastage material of my home. I am also eager to wait to share my hobbies with others who love to create new things.
So, my question is the following...
  • How many channels I should open to sharing my Digital marketing knowledge and hobby to others??
  • Can I do both things in one channel?
Which is better for me? Every day, I am able to manage 1-2 hr for my YouTube channel... It is really hard for me to posting video both of this channels, but it is not impossible for me.
So, pleases suggest me with your best option...
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    Well it depends i think if you are an expert in your niche 1 channel its better .If you try to find a good niche then working with 2 channels niche its better
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      Thanks for sharing your point of view.
      Yes.. You are right.

      But it takes double time to build up and maintained it properly.
      According to YouTube algorithm "video rank and suggested video depend on a regular interval of video publishing".

      Right now, I have limited time to spend on YouTube. So, which niche channel I should focus more??
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    one channel.
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  • I think it would be best to start with one channel but eventually add more channels once you can consistently diversify your content. It'll make loyal fans happy because they can choose specific channel they want to follow and you can expand your audience with our new channels.

    The key here though is that the channels should be different. Don't compete with your own channel. And you should have new content regularly. If you can't do that, it might be best to just create different playlists.
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      Well Said John..
      Thanks for Guiding in a proper way...
      I have another question on it..
      Can I funnel both channel towards my one blog, like www(.)abc(.)com (for seo Niche) and www(.)subdomain(.)abc(.)com (for DIY,Tech Niche)
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    If you connect through a single YouTube channel, then you will require less effort and less time to work on your channel. In contrast, having multiple channels is not a viable option. Interacting with people via various channels can be difficult. It will cause extra effort, also you need to shift gears accordingly. Altogether, a single YouTube channel allows you to gather a fan following (subscribers) at a single place. And you can focus more on engaging more and more audiences, only if you have a single channel.
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      Altogether, a single YouTube channel allows you to gather a fan following (subscribers) at a single place. And you can focus more on engaging more and more audiences, only if you have a single channel.
      Thanks Daniyal for pointed out the real time problem
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    It depends on how related the two topics are.

    The biggest issue with multiple channels is Youtube monetization, which requires you to have pretty good viewer numbers before you qualify for monetization, which becomes harder with two separate channels splitting viewer watch time.

    The biggest issue with one channel are things like "view velocity" which is the percentage of your subscribers that view your new videos within 24 hours of them being uploaded. If your videos are split between two different topics, not only will it be harder to get subscribers, you'll also have a lower view velocity for videos about each topic.

    I suggest you focus on one topic/one channel to get started, then consider creating a second channel.
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    Hi Sudipto,

    I say one: where your attention and energy goes, grows. Meaning you give it to 1 channel and it will grow quickly. Dividing among many channels ensures each grows slowly.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    1 channel 1 message because You do not want to confuse your audience. 1 channel for digital marketing and seperate 1one for your hobbies. How often are you planning on posting youtube videos ? You need to take that into consideration too.So if you do decide to open 2 channels just make sure that your posting frequency is consistent and aligned with your goals .
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      if you do decide to open 2 channels just make sure that your posting frequency is consistent and aligned with your goals
      Yes,consistent is matter for growing for YouTube channel, but maintaining both channel in a consistent bases is not easy task. Anyway thanks Jamel Hassell for sharing your point of view.
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    Multiple or One Channel is THE BEST for YouTube, What Do you think?
    This is the Off Topic forum. This is the wrong forum for this topic. This is the correct forum: Social Media

    And this is the correct title of the thread for this forum:
    Multiple or One Org___ is THE BEST?
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    As Himanshu Khaira mentioned the best is to stick to be and after that maybe do 2 channels.
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    I guess at first focusing on one channel, and one content will be best. Choose a niche and become the absolute best resource you can on that niche. Add content which will be valuable for the viewers and show your passion for your work.

    Once you get the engaging followers in one channel, you can start your other channel and divert those followers in another one by promoting it in your first channel.

    Being a viewer, I have seen youtubers creating many channels at the same time, but because of that, the quality of one channel lacks. Focusing on two things together is not an easy task so after getting your hand on one channel start another one.
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    I'd say start with one channel... just because it will take you lots of time to produce your videos. Once you get your first channel running and you have reached all the requirements to earn money with it, I would go for a second one.
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    It depends what are you going to upload on your YT channel. Suppose you have made a music channel. You can upload different music there. But if you upload a cartoon or some other things will not suit best. So you need to create another channel for them. Therefore I think for different niche you should create different channels.
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    You already have the Answer, As you said it is difficult for you to manage multiple Channels. so you can share your SEO Knowledge in one channel which is a good thought. But if you want to share some personal blogs you can create another one for your personal Blogging.
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    if this case it's better to use 2 channels...otherwise your tags would get diluted
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  • As long as you are following the wealthy principles, I don't believe you need more channels at all.

    Become extremely valuable and people will find you, you don't even need to find them. They are the ones to come looking for you.
    I wish you good luck and much success!
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    If you have multiple topics to explore then you have made multiple albums on one channel. If you make multiple channels then your reach gets limited. To increase your reach to your subscribers ONE CHANNEL IS PREFERABLE.
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  • Thanks for your post. I think you need two channels. Where you can exchange your experience in one, your inventory is in the other. You have a very short time. One day you can work on one channel.
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    I think the more channel you have, the more income you will have. Outsource the process to simplify your life. Focus on one channel first to really make money, then outsource to build second channel
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    You can use your Youtube videos to fuel other channels. Let's say you make a video, you can then post that video on your blog with a short summary of what it is about. Then you can email a link to that blog post or Youtube video to your email list, and share that video with your social media pages.

    I would use all your channels, but for lack of time, you can use the same content and just push it through to the different channels. That way you are getting more eyes on your brand!

    Hopefully, that helps!
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    Lots of opinions here, so I hope you're able to resonate with a few of them and confidently make the right decision. Having said that, I don't think you can go wrong in selecting 1 or more long as they're done right.

    I have many different passions in my life. I have different strengths. I think we all do. Youtube gives us a great opportunity to express those interests and share them with others. I would encourage people to have more than one channel IF they are different like others have said.

    If you have the time to make more than channel to express your different strengths and interests, think of the increased number income streams. You'll have more brand deal opportunities, merchandising options and paid for digital products/courses to offer.

    I understand it takes a lot of time and dedication to grow ONE channel properly, but like I said, if you have the chance to grow more than one channel, it opens up a lot more opportunities for you!

    Keep us posted on your success and what route you decide to pursue!
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    My recommedation is focus on one channel, build it and provide value to your audience, stick to one before moving to another, a guy who chases two rabbit catches none.
    In Depth Look at the All In One Free Online Business Tool and Training!
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