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Generally a bit serious in here so being a fun girl I thought some funny stories might go down well and brighten the days. I'll start with one or two but everyone welcome to add more, and hopefully more and more. They have to be true stories and preferably relating to our IM business's, but don't have to be. Hope you enjoy and that more will add to the thread.

Soo, this was quite a few years ago when we were making inroads in building our Agency business. My Dad, who lived in Australia then, told me it was time to start setting up company formations and trusts, so for me to find a solicitor in town who could help with this as well as other matters such as writing contracts and so on.

I had seen a solicitors nameplate to an upstairs office in the high street so just went there. The office looked very old, maybe like 50 years ago but clean and tidy. The receptionist/secretary looked old to me too, at least retirement age. And when she introduced me to the solicitor he was even older, in his 70's I found. But he was lovely so I retained him as my Dad had instructed.

Over the next few years we became fairly close. His secretary finally retired and he closed his practice but kept his office and continued working for us. In his very late 70's now, he had often talked about Bentley cars and finally bough himself one. Next time I went to to see him I had to go back downstairs to see his Bentley then he took me for a ride all around town. It was his pride and joy.

So few months later I had to go and see him, pulled into his parking area and his Bentley the only car in there. Then I got naughty, decided to play a razz on him. So I called a recovery business and when they got there I told them I wanted to razz someone and to park in front of the Bentley and look like they were about to load it up.

So I go upstairs to his office, he's sitting behind his desk waiting for me. I said - What's happening with your Bentley? there's a guy down there hooking it up to take it away. He jumped out of his chair, raced to look out the back window, then raced past me and down the back stairs. He was going so fast I could hardly keep up, I thought I was going to kill him. He races up to the driver, says what's going on? what's going on?. I had given the driver a story to say the finance company was repossessing it because he was behind in his payments. He was saying no no no I paid for it, I paid for it. The driver was saying sorry but I have to take it. Meanwhile I was behind Mr Simpson, doubled up and just about wetting myself trying to not laugh aloud.

The driver did good for awhile but finally being able to see my reaction he started laughing too and pointed at me saying she did it. Mr Simpson looked round at me, looked back at the driver then back around at me, still killing myself at his very animated antics.. I wasn't fit to explain the razz so the driver did it for me. Mr Simpson walked over to me, I looked up and he wagged his finger at me, saying you'll keep young lady, you'll keep, which sent me into more laughter. Then he said something to the driver and started walking back to his office. When I recovered a bit I decided that maybe that day wasn't the best day for our appointment, so high tailed it out of there. But he forgave me. lol.
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    We have a very different way of running our business than most medium sized companies. We currently have 76 employees but we regard them more as family than employees. part of that culture is having fun, and I sometimes wonder how we get any work done here, but we are ultra productive. So razzing is just a way of life here, we razz our staff and they are certainly not afraid to razz us back. This is just one example of the girl's razzing me:

    We were interviewing for two new junior positions in the office. We don't have the normal interview procedures, we always have a waiting list of local young girls interested in working for us, so our procedure is to call some in for a first interview with Jem, who is a Supervisor. If that interview goes well then Jem invites them to spend a day with us in the office, the girls that are working on those shifts take care of them, show them the different jobs they are doing etc, so giving them a really good idea of what it would be like working for us.

    At the end of their day our staff really make the decision if they think the girls are really interested in the work, if they will be a good fit for us, and so on. So after Jem's interview and then the staff recommendations, the decision to employ them has really already been made, my final interview with them is more just to introduce myself and tell them the good news that they have a position with us.

    But the girls got together and decided to razz me. Seems after they decided these two girls would fit right in with our culture they decided to have some fun, knowing how informal it is here and that the very first thing I was likely to say was for them to call me Lindy. They got to the girls, told them that I was a tough Boss and would try to test them. Said if I told them to call me Lindy not to fall for it, I would be testing them, seeing how respectful they were.

    Soo, my 2 interviews, one after the other.

    Both girls greeted me as Miss Jamieson.

    I said, call me Lindy.

    Yes Miss Jamieson.

    No just call me Lindy.

    Yes Miss Jamieson.

    No matter how many times I told them to just call me Lindy I got the "Yes Miss Jamieson" back from them. So finally I just gave up and told them they have the jobs and starting next week.

    So after they left and I went back into the office suite, there was a bit of general talk about the two young girls, everyone was happy that they would be starting work with us. Then one said , did they call you Lindy? then a lot of giggles an I woke up to what they had done. They told the girls if they called me Lindy they would have no hope of getting the job, so poor little things must have been terrified of me, and especially of me insisting they call me Lindy. lol.

    So that's the first thing we have to fix up when they start work on Monday. Then I have to "Fix Up" a few other girls I am thinking! lol.
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    Sherri wanted Anna to make her a winter mini suit - so sort of related to business:

    Anna pulled a razz on Sherri about Miniskirts that was really funny. Sherri asked Anna to design and make her a winter mini suit, similar to ones she had made for me, but she told Anna she wanted her's shorter than mine.

    Sherri an I tend to like our mini's reallly mini and Anna has commented a few times before that we are losing out on a good income source, we could be selling advertising space on our knickers she says, lol.

    So Anna sketched out two designs but Sherri said they needed to be shorter. Anna told her they already shouldn't be called Mini's, that Dangerous was a more appropriate name for them, but Sherrie still insisted they had to be shorter, so Anna said she would alter the design.

    Sherri purchased the material she wanted so Anna got to work to make them up. But out of the leftovers Anna also make the smallest Mini you could ever imagine. We normally have to watch when we sit down so not be flashing our knickers but this one you couldn't hide your knickers even standing straight up.

    So when Sherri came home that night Anna gave her the suit to go an try on, in a transparent suit bag so she could only see the coat. So she went to change and come back into the office to show us, you could only see the coat, couldn't even see the mini.

    Anna said: Is it short enough?
    Sherri: Your joking arn't you, I can't wear this.
    Anna: Why?
    Sherri: It's too short.
    Anna: You wanted it short.
    Sherri: Not this short.

    She finally opened the coat and I'v seen belts that covered more than that Mini did. She couldn't breath without flashing her knickers. lol.

    Then Anna got the real skirt from under the desk, much to Sherri's relief. That put the razzing score to Anna 1 Sherri 0, but not for long. Revenge is usually swift and sweet around here.
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    Nice story.
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