What is your opinion about Android's privacy?

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I've been using Android for the last 10 years (had an iPhone for few days and returned it. Not my thing...).

For the first time ever this week I checked Google's "my activity" feature. While I knew that it tracks every location I visit, YouTube watch history, browsing history and so on, it was still a shocking discovery. I found few years of recordings of my voice using OK google, history of application I installed, sites visited and so on.

On one hand, yeah, so what, I can delete this history whenever I want to, and yes, it is sometimes useful (like figuring out this place I've been in a year a go but can't remember the exact address), but on the other hand - does it actually being deleted once I delete it? even if it does, do I really want to have all this information available somewhere on the cloud? who else gets parts of this information?

So again, it's not like something I didn't already know, but it made me think again about this deal with the "devil". I'll be happy to hear your opinions.
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    I recently got curious about marshal macluen . That definitely spelled wrong . But he was talking about the end of privacy in the1960 s and the1970s . And something to the effect that the world in the electric ate was becoming layers of information .

    Odd thing about privacy .is that people are not getting persecuted for things they do in private with other consenting adults any more .

    Much of the thing people are getting punished for today are things they said in public in the past that are no longer acceptable.

    In any case this info is ysed by governments to assess threat level. Cooperation to put more realavant adds in front of you. And ha kers to attempt to steal your identity and destroy your credit .

    Your credit score today us far more important than privacy. Join face book and add ten or fifteen people you really know . And the people you may know functions will freak you out at times .

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    android and privacy is surely a contradiction
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    Just to chime in a little but recently I've been finding all of the information that stores in my facebook account, my google maps account, my verizon cloud, and the google activity tracking thing. It's absolutely mortifying to me to be honest. I don't like having that type of information stored and so easily accessible to someone that compromises one of my accounts.
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    privacy today is a myth, nothing is private if you connected to the net
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    when andoid enters from the front door, privacy leaves from the back.
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