What the hell is the name of this song?????

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Sorry to bother you my lovelies, but this is really really bugging me! Can anyone tell me what the name of song and artist is for the following lyrics, you'll get a thank you and the satisfaction of helping out a damsel in distress lol... "Come my lady, come come my lady, you're my butterfly, sugar baby, come my lady, come come my lady i'll make your legs shake you make me go crazy". I have wanted this song for ages and it was in a movie last night so i watched the WHOLE DAMN THING to get to the end to see who the artist and song was, only to get a phone call at the worst possible time and looked up to see that I had JUST MISSED IT..... ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH lol... ok... deep breaths... blue thoughts.... lmao :p

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