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thank you for initiating me in your prestigious forum . it is a privilege for me to be these with you and i ll be able to find myself with diverse data about the topic that are raising in this forum .

i need to introduce myself , my name is mike , i have been reading all the forums debated in the forum for a much year . i had not had the time to build an account , but due to the interesting history you provide these , i decided to do this and type an invite to be rejected by you .

for me it has been a extremely enriching time to be in this forum , it has gave me the chance to have small talks with others who are themselves interested in this kind of topic . it has also opening the windows for me to hear different theorists and views .

i will also be happy to providing you with all the necessary energy in the forum , meaning that you will have a report and there is a response , and that both you and i will discuss all the resources that can be sharing .

i have been quite attentive to this forum , that is why , never time i give you truly grateful i am for has made my request to the forum . i would leave you my personal area and some references when i found interesting information .

i am a being who pays to study and learn about this topic , besides it is important for me to bring this information with friends and families . i love the welcome that they hand to new players to the forum .

i hope more forum like this will be creating , so that everyone has accessibility to this important area . i have made created the area available to other friends hope that they will creating an account and be inclusion in this forum .

i say goodbye , be placing the order to sharing any updates about this forum , i wil be always active to be continuously update . also , it is a delight to be full of this forum , see you tomorrow !
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    Welcome to the Off Topic forum. You will fit in nicely.
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    Dont do the big mistake that people do they read to much time and they dont work .If you read for 1 year and you dont work nothing you loose valuable time .My advice start working today ,search a method and start dont wait and also read in the meantime
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    Originally Posted by kmanzoor View Post

    thank you for initiating me in your prestigious forum .

    i need to introduce myself , my name is mike , i decided to do this and type an invite to be rejected by you .

    i say goodbye
    So Mike you just got here, and now saying good bye already. Gee that was a short stay.
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    HI Kmanzoor,
    You are welcome to this forum. Visit this forum often and you will learn a lot here. But remember, keep reading the forum and keep doing your work. Those who wait for the best moment to arrive, can't succeed.
    Keep learning and keep applying your learning. It is then you can succeed.

    Best of luck.
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