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I recently posted some comments on some PR 4-5 blogs with relevant content to mine. When i checked several different "Backlink Checking" tools, none of the backlinks were listed? It has been almost a whole day. does this take time to show up on my list of back links?
just curious.

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    It will take a while. Keep building those links, and check periodically.
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    If they are PR4/5, check every week. It should appear within 1-3 weeks (ballpark).
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      it seems as if you know more about PR than me. would you reccomend trying to get backlinks from PR 4 or higher? Example: ive left a few comments about my golf blog on two different forums each with a PR of 5. should i always shoot for this or try even higher PR? what is the lowest PR i should try and get backlinks from.?

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    Focus on sites which are related to your niche.
    If all sites are related to your niche, focus on sites which have backlinks from good neighborhoods.
    If all that is same, then (and then only) focus on the sites with higher PRs.

    Remember, PR changes very often. So do not make it the be-all and end-all of decision making.
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      so, someone can have a great PR but have cruddy links? wow, there is more work involved than i thought when it comes to backlinks. so , lets say, i found a site/blog/forum with great PR. all related content relative to my site or sites. how do i know or find out if there links are anygood ? shouldnt it be ok to post a decent comment with a hopeful linkback to my site knowing that they are both a (relevant info site to mine) and a high PR site?

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    Just a simple question ( for those who know the answer ! I do not know yet :-) )

    How / where can I find out my own page ranks ???

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    How do you decide quality? One way is to look at their following. Do they have a lot of readers? Are their articles ranked on the first page of search engine results? Does everyone know their name (just like "Law & Order")?

    Let us help build your list
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    1) Try a different tool 2) Be patient. Even with high PR links I've noticed it can take a LONG time for them to materialize.
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    It can take over a week, sometimes several weeks for backlinks to display.
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