how many votes for green tea?

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I use to love green tea instead of coffee?
wonder how many ppl like green tea?
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    Originally Posted by mywebstory View Post

    I use to love green tea instead of coffee?
    wonder how many ppl like green tea?
    I've found I only like it when made with loose leaf tea. For some reason when it's in a teabag the end result is tea that tastes like paper and smells like spinach.
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    I drink GREEN tea every day. I know that it is very healthy. I do drink coffee too because I like it a lot.

    I am not going to exagerate, so I do have balance in my life. Some people say that you should ONLY eat healthy foods. I don't think that you should only eat healthy foods. I think that you should have a balance everyday.

    We should also enjoy the foods that we like.

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    <<<<<< drinks green tea, a few cups a day.
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      I start the day with four mugs of coffee, when that's done I switch to green tea for the rest of the day. About six to eight mugs.

      BTW, green tea in bags isn't bad if you get it at an Asian grocery store, it's cheaper too.

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        Big fan.

        At least 1 pot/day, usually more.

        Wulong (Oolong) is a favorite at the moment.

        Used to have it shipped over fresh when I was in the UK.

        Now I'm a lot closer to the source, and spoiled for choice!

        I'm amazed at how many people hardly drink anything. Like a few coffees or soft drinks for the whole day!
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          Big fan here too, for about 12 years - teabag version, just with water. My favourite is Double Dragon from Fuijan Province. They do a nice Jasmine version too.

          First time I had it I thought it tasted like dishwater, but it grew on me really quickly.

          Recently I found Rooibos (Redbush) tea from South Africa. That's grown on me quickly too - I'm currently testing four varieties. I bought some Manuka 10+ honey recently after reading about it - I tried 1/3 of a teaspoon stirred into Rooibos and I'm absolutely smitten with it.

          Between these two plus English tea, I do about 10-14 cups a day as well as plenty of plain cold water. I always have two cups of tea at the same time, each a different type. Don't ask me why - just a habit that's stuck. Two hands can carry two cups so why not?

          Roger Davis

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    Funny, I was just doing a search on brewing tea before checking the forum. I am a recent convert to tea and loving it.


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    I drink either one cup of black tea or coffee first thing. Then I drink several cups of green tea thoughout the day 6-7.

    In the evening I switch to camomile.


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    I have a nice big cup of coffee with cream & sugar every morning. I'm not the same without my caffeine > After that, I LOVE green tea, particularly this certain brand of Japanese green tea...

    I once worked with a woman who claimed to drink green tea every day for three years and never got sick. Give or take she probably missed a day here and there, but still pretty impressive.

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    I am a coffee fanatic, but I have recently switched to teas because I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes (genetic, not fata$$). The result was being put on metformin, a metabolic inhibitor that keeps my liver from absorbing excess sugars - however, the side effect is irritable bowel syndrome. SO... my undying love for coffee was combining with the metformin to create... shall we say... an explosive mixture. I hadn't taken a solid dump in 3 months when the doc suggested that the IBS side effect was being exacerbated by something else in my regular diet. When I told him how much coffee and espresso I consumed, he laughed and said that alone would cause a normal person great difficulties south of the equator.

    So, I cut down my beloved coffee and espresso to a single cup a day.... AAAARGH!!!

    And I replaced it with teas, and in particular green tea.

    I am sort of a fan of Tazo, but I am branching out to loose leaf.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      That's my problem, too. I recognise that green teas are supposed to be really good for you, the antioxidants and so on, but I haven't managed to find one of which I like the taste. I have no problem with regular tea. :rolleyes:
      I mix green tea and "regular" to make iced tea...Tastes fine, I don't notice the green taste at all.
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    Green tea for me about 2-3 cups daily.
    Coffee 2-3 and Yerba Mate' periodically when I can get it,thanks to learning of it from our own Mr Says in the WF Alliance many moons ago.

    I do need to cut back though as the caffeine just doesn't play nice with my fibromyalgia.
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    I like black tea better and it's about the same in benefit. I like a few sprinkles of clove in it, too. When I drink green tea I like to mix some chamomile with it - exceptional cleaning powers but it knocks me for a loop real fast so it's a bedtime only drink - or when I'm trying to avoid something I feel I'm coming down with.

    Right's coffee.

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      Green Tea is very healthy, I like it.
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    Green Tea rocks. White Tea too. Have them with ice! The best taste ever!
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