Next Generation Computers - Amazing Video (Don't Miss this)

by Eswar
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Dear warriors,

I saw this video few days back about new generation computers. I am sure you will love this presentation.

Here is the URL
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of 'SixthSense' technology-TV-Economic Times

BTW if any one knows how to embed this video here, please send me PM. It will be more easier to watch it here itself.

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    Wow, that's some amazing stuff.


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    The Science Fiction Industry has just been made irrelevant.

    It's all becoming fact now.

    Brave New World indeed.
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    So that blind people can hate them as well.
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    I really liked the way you could manipulate things from off your pc and put into your pc to create something new as in a new doc. Thanks for sharing this with us. Exciting to think of where we are heading. Next is for us to step into the digital world yes?

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    I think its very interesting, but would of course cost aload of money to develop (obviously) but also a lot of money to buy. I think some of the features would be inaccurate because you are using your own touch (In the video where he is drawing using the sensors etc.)
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    Effective augmented reality requires 3D glasses - which don't exist with sufficient resolution or quality yet but will in 5 years or so.

    This approach will eliminate the need for many of the applications he discusses. It will also enable a new revolution in personal communications as you will literally be able to see through other peoples eyes.

    Some of his ideas are directly transferable, others are redundant.
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    I saw Pranav's presentation video at the TED conference.. It is amazing..

    TED is a unique organisation which encourages innovation..

    Eswar thanks for sharing for sharing with all..
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    Well, I always get suspicious with things like this, ESPECIALLY when they bring up DOZENS of ideas that are VERY old and have been done by others, like the idea of a motion controlled device, like the glove or whatever, light pen(of course NOW we have touch screens that make that a bit irrelevant), etc... Around the late 1970s, and into the 80s, they had a pen that could determine its position on a screen and was used for highlighting, drawing, and painting. I guess it didn't get enough use to justify its continued sales. M/S, in the 80s and 90s was working with instantaneous handwriting to character computer input. PALM, in the 90s decided to REVERSE the idea that M/S had. They dumbed down the motions to create characters, rather than using the software to determine intent. Even the idea of zooming, cutting, pasting, etc... Heck, apple patented, even though they weren't the first to do the concept, zooming and panning motions via touch.

    The only amazing thing I saw was that it was all implemented.....Or WAS it!?!?!? The technology to simulate that dates to a time even before the microcomputer itself! HECK, one of the most popular and exposed purposes of that is to put weather men into, and have them control and animate, maps to show the weather!

    HEY, my FATHER told me about a little company that once spoke of things llike multi terabyte crystal storage devices that would soon be created. They spoke of that in the 1960s! I always thought it was a pipe dream because, at the time, the devices they wanted to use consumed a LOT of power and were quite large, and there was no way to aim them properly. Ironically, almost all thiose issues vanished in the mid 1980s. I STILL don't see how they could get terabytes out though. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that project is DEAD! LONG DEAD! The company? International Business Machines(better known as IBM).

    Besides, this would require still MORE processing from the computer, and there are some concerns that weren't brought up about its use in everyday life.

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    I love this guy. It's quite mind blowing to see these things under way and makes you wonder how long until it's just main stream every day use. I really want my own sixsense device and they are already starting to build them.
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    I look forward to this technological advances I'll see if my lifetime. This sort of thing is just the tip of the ice berg.
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