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The popular internet marketing site, The Warrior Forum, was placed in receivership today. The owner of the site, Mr Allen Says, made the decision after consulting with his accountants.

The cause was excessive bandwidth charges generated by just one thread in the Off Topic Forum section of the site. The thread was apparently costing a bazillion dollars a day to keep running.

It started with a seemingly innocuous post, but was soon hijacked by a crowd of under-employed reprobates and poop fetishists who kept the thread going against all logic.

The original poster, thought to be connected with the international troll network Spam Qaeda, has since gone into hiding.

Mr Says was last seen carrying a length of rope and searching for a big tree. Witnesses claim Mr Says was heard to be muttering, "I knew I should have never opened an off topic forum" and crying inconsolably.

(source: another under-employed reprobate)
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