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Fellow Warriors,

If you can spare a little time and lend a hand, perhaps you can make a difference...

The below is taken from James Nachtwey's Facebook page:

James Nachtwey spent the past year traveling and photographing the epidemic of XDR-TB -- a new, killer form of tuberculosis that is breaking out around the world.

[NOTE: Photojournalist James Nachtwey is considered by many to be the greatest war photographer of recent decades. He has covered conflicts and major social issues in more than 30 countries.]

This is a health crisis, yes, but also a political one -- solving it is entirely possible, but it will take money and political will.

Here's where you come in!

Visit XDRTB.org | Spread the story. Stop the Disease. Watch the 3-minute video of James' powerful photographs -- or view them one by one in a slideshow. Then take 3 steps:

SHARE the website with your mailing list
SIGN the petition asking politicians in your country to take action
SUPPORT this effort by joining groups on Facebook, MySpace or YouTube

XDRTB.org | Spread the story. Stop the Disease.

Across all 7 continents, you can witness the photographs projected onto buildings or playing on massive LED screens. For details:
XDRTB.org | Spread the story. Stop the Disease. | Take action
--and click on "Where to Watch"
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    So are these strains man-made or are they the result of greed in the medical field which pushes pills for everything and anything?

    We are seeing the results of what decades of legalized pill pushing and what is terrifying is that the "experts - the pharms" will just step up the levels of drugs to combat super-viruses and bacterias.

    It is well known in the medical community - and a well guarded secret, that nothing viral can live in large doses of ascorbic acid. Yet people die even in hospitals of viruses such as bird flu or West Nile disease simply because they don't know to tell the doctor that they want ascorbic acid infusions. And they don't have the access to the vitamin C to prevent invasion in the first place.

    Some doctors are speaking out since the Tamiflu idiocy, but not enough. Until they do we will see a push for stronger drugs which in later decades will allow for the production of unstoppable germs. As more and more diseases develop resistant strains, we should be taking it as a clue to solve these strains through natural means of control rather than sooped up drugs which will just produce even more vile resistant strains later.

    What is even more sickening is that these drugs end up in our water supply so people are actually drinking them - yes, in very small amounts, but daily - and that isn't a good situation any way you look at it. We are not built to be medicated on a daily basis - especially with antibiotics.

    I am not going to pretend that greed was what started medical treatment. TB was a frightening killer and science did what they thought was right at the time developing a treatment........it was the pharmaceutical company greed that later allowed the pharms to set themselves up as the ones that write the courses doctors take, illegallized the word "cure" for anything that stopped a disease that wasn't pharmaceutical, and then rewarded doctors for writing prescriptions so sweetly that prescriptions for drugs such as antibiotics were written for such things as colds against which the prescribed drugs had absolutely no action - but the money was sweet.

    Even more terrifying is the fact that now the super viruses are starting to flourish, it is not the natural healing community that is going in and treating these people with the vitamin C levels they need to rebound from these terrible killers -- it is the pharmaceutical companies who are devising new drugs and treatments that will be sure to backfire in another few decades - or sooner.

    The results of our friendly pharmacy backed medical community's greed are starting now to show and they aren't going to be pretty, and the cycle isn't going to be stopped by more of it.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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