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has anyone checked out games like farmville or petville or whatever?

I have never really been into facebook until about 2 weeks ago. I'm already in twitter and myspace, but had been avoiding facebook. Finally i got into them and then got suckered into farmville.

Its like crack. Then i decided to try cafeville. Let me say this..if you are any kind of an entreprenuer, cafeville is like a chocolate covered crack bar with a creamy heroin filling.

Then i started actually checking out the game. First off all these games run on micropayments. THe games have money that you can buy things in the game with. You can earn the money, but if you want to speed things up, you can buy the money for as low as $5..hell everyone has 5 bucks right?


if you dont want to spend the cash, you can fill out affiliate offers for in game money, and these are affiliate offers that people on this forum deal with every day and from what I saw, those are affiliate offers that at the very least are $10 apiece cpa offers.

whoever thought of these games are geniuses.

I need to find a programmer.
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    That's old news.

    About a year ago I contacted a developer to make a certain game, had all the details planned out. Of course free to play, but there would be certain game items only available either thru purchasing game cash or going thru affiliate offers.

    Pet Society makes a ton of money but with what they pay their developers, who knows what the profit is. There are basically a thousand variety of games, some good, some crappy.

    Farmville is somewhat popular, but anyone who thinks growing a pretend,virtual farm and harvesting virtual potatoes is like crack should actually try getting out in the real world every now and then. Start at once a month and work your way up. It's actually good for you. Unless you are dangerous or a nuisance to society or risk being tasered of course.

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    Zynga, the creator of farmville, cafeworld, Mafia Wars, and many others is making a killing. They made 250 million last year, and are on pace to double that this year. Even over on Clickbank right now the top spot has recently been held by a farmville guide book. I believe right now the number of Farmville players is reaching 100 million, which is the equivalent of about 1 in every 3 people in the United States (however it is played world wide).
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    oh yeah!! facebook gAmes are so addictive!! I love it so much..All you can see on my computer screen is facebook..facebook..facebook...LOL..my favorite games there are pet society, vampire wars, and restaurant city...
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    Oh yes these games are very addictive, and if you can make money with it there's nothing like it. I too am hooked on to Mafia wars and Vampires.
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