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I am hoping that a Warrior can help me here. There is a company online using one of my EzineArtcles on their website without acknowledging me as the author of the article. They merely link back to the main EzineArticle site. Despite ongoing requests through their server over a couple of weeks to either acknowledge my authorship or to remove the article, they continue to display the article and don't even respond to my email requests. I have now threatened to spread the word across the Internet that they are copyright breakers if they don't respond within 48 hours. Has anyone else had a similar problem and what other things can I do to get the message across.
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    Posting your article at EZA or other directories does not negate your copyright. Publishers are to use the content only if they follow the rules of that license which is to keep your resource box with the article, intact. If they have not done so then they are in violation of the license you give them and you have every right to tell them to take it down.

    To the OP, do some searching here at the forum and on Google for DMCA. Send this to the site administrator and to their hosting company. That will often do the trick.

    If it doesn't, it becomes an issue of how much time and energy you want to spend on the matter.

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    Tina is right BUT, unless you registered it, it may be hard to prosecute.
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      Your comments regarding EzineArticles are incorrect as you seem to imply that EzineArticles have control of the situation. The situation is how Tina explains it.

      Before posting on the Warrior Forum EzineArticles advised me to contact the copyright breaker's isp, which I did. The indications, though, are that the isp may be owned by the same company as it has failed to even acknowledge my emails.

      The reason for seeking the views of others on the Warrior Forum was to seek a solution to a problem that I have not encountered after 10 years online. The company concerned is infringing copyright and others may have experienced the same problem. The company is little better than a scam artist and needs to be dealt with, to my mind. I won't spend the rest of my life chasing them, though, it's just that there's a principle involved here and I mean to spend a little time on seeking a solution.
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    I just had the same thing happen to me as the OP. I couldn't find any kind of contact info anywhere (of course), so I filed a DMCA notice, and within 5 days they had taken down the offending page. A small victory but it feels good nonetheless.
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      This has happened so many times to me with so many articles, where-by the article isn't only taken but used identically and the other "author" claims rights over it and removes my links and use their own...

      After a time I realize this is just the nature of the internet and really time is better spent writing new material and advancing my own efforts instead of circumvent others.
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