Australian woman gets refund cheque after $40,000 Nigerian scam

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An Australian woman is being refunded the money she sent over to a 25-year old Nigerian student (who is now facing 19 years in jail)

Woman to get money back from $40k scam - Yahoo!7 News
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    I feel bad that she was taken for all of that money.
    It's kinda crazy how a handful of Nigerians running scams on the Net are putting a bad name to all of Nigerians with this mess. (I am not Nigerian btw)... This is only going to stereotype them as untrustworthy.

    You shouldn't be blindly trusting ish on the net anyway

    I Go Hard = "Slanguage" for putting forth a lot of effort.

    Don't be an arse and try to flip something you clearly have no knowledge of against me.

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    MAN! Did you get a load of the comment that said:

    "capitalism destroys the human spirit and private property mania drives people into the trap of lust and greed like a drug addiction."


    And someone else spoke of greed being involved. This looks like a compassion plea, rather than greed. HECK, it happens HERE from time to time. Someone asks for help, and it usually has a ring of truth. EVEN when it hits only sour notes, people STILL seem too generous.

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