Need Advice on starting my own auto detailing business

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I don't really have any experiance with car detailing , but last week I got hired from a mobile detailing business my dad used to work at ....

The thing is , I ran into someone that used to work for them and he had nothing but bad things to say ... like they rip you off and give all the good customers to the superviors and give you the horrible ones ....

Also , The only way you will actually get lots of jobs is if you go out to businesses and pass out flyers and stuff like that .... The flyers have my name on them but the owners number since everything has to go through him lol....

So basically theres nothing stopping him from giving most my referals to the long time employes , i would have no idea if he did.

Anyways , After running into this kid today that worked for them it really crushed my hopes because its like the perfect job for me...

I start training for this job saturday and sunday , so I have to drive 30 minutes away and work all day without pay.

However , I was thinking should I do this training thing just so I can learn all about it ... then quit and start up my own mobile detailing business ?

I figure it will cost somewhere between 2K-3K to really get everything going ....

OH , The owner of the business where I just got hired makes you sign a "no-competion clause" or something like that but that comes after the training I think......

My dad thinks its a really good idea and he can help advertise it since he works for fox news.....

My city is full of rich people and I've never any other car detailing businesses so I think I can make it work.

So what do you think , should I take the training then quit and start up my own for 100% profit ?
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    Even I don't have the experience in car dealing but I will definitely take some help from my friends in this .
    As soon as I got something I will let you know..
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      I was in the auto detail business... when I was a teenager.

      I went to the City, and hit all the garages with ads on the windshields.

      Then I made a deal with the garage owner/manager... so I could wash and detailed the car while the owner was at work.

      I had the Tidy car system.
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