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Hey guys,

I know this isn't entirely 'off-topic' but...I'm still fairly new to Internet Marketing. I've been studying it now for close to a year but my journey towards making money through it has been slow, and so far, non-existent. But only because I am just now getting to the 'promotional' phase.

I just got my website up and is finally complete (well nearly officially complete once I fix a few things) but here it is:

I'm pretty proud of myself for it....first time and all, it was quite a mental rollercoaster for me, but I intend to promote strictly through the use of article writing for starters, beings as I'm poor and literally 'struggling' pay to pay right now, I can't afford for advertising or anything.

I really need to improve my financial woah

That was the whole reason I got into this in the first place, because I heard it could be extremely worthwhile. However, that is my question.....I haven't experienced this 'worthiness' quite yet beings as I haven't made any money...but, I mean....I'm rather efficient at writing/ I know I can pump out some really decent articles if I tried too, but my real question is...

(fishing for motivation/support)

Is it truly possible to make good money strictly through article writing and doing all the 'internet marketing' stuff like channeling my visitors through a well-developed sales page in hopes of converting better sales?

What am I looking at here....because if this does work out, I intend on doing it full-time and building off of what I've started here...but is it worth it?

Also....I know these questions are difficult to answer because the situation I'm sure is different for everyone, and nothing is guaranteed...BUT....if I work really hard on this just about every day for about 5 hours, with the website I've put together, and really good article writing software.....what would you guys wager my success 'rate' would be? And how soon?

I'm just looking for a rough estimate...that is all

Anyhow, any words of advicement or encouragement is ALWAYS extremely welcomed...I'm in a critical position right now. Its do or die time.

Either this works for me, and works well, really well.....or I'm stuck with a 9-5 min. wager for quite awhile..

Thanks guys, hope to hear some good news....but I appreciate brutal honesty the best.

I wish everyone luck with their online endeavours as well!!!

Much love,
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    Well truth be told it seems like you haven't learned much in that one year... You seem to completely forget about backlinks (maybe haven't mentioned them) Which are critical to ranking high with SEO (google, yahoo, bing...)

    I'd say you have a good rate , aslong as you make those articles work well and give people VALUE and fix a problem that THEY have then you can go on to making sales

    I've personally haven't made any money online yet either but its due to the fact that i have done very little action and have been SUCKING in info like crazy.

    The website IMO looks AMAZING seriously tho, looks pro tho i suggest you make the font bigger and a dif color (EASIER TO READ)

    You are well on your way Don't forget that there are SOOOO many methods of getting traffic to your site FOR FREEEEEE

    Learn some more about backlinking, forum marketing, blogging (and blog commenting), classified marketing (ebay has one too now ), video marketing, so on soo forth...

    Youtube created a kickass new tool that allows you to make a quick video EASILY.

    EVERY LINK that links back to ur site is one link out there in the web that will b seen by someone at some time or another. GIVE PEOPLE VALUE AND FIX THEIR PROBLEMS and they will come to you

    Hope this helps, never give up, if u have to pick up a job due to financial reasons do so, but do not give this up because it can be done, it just has to b figured out by every person individually (with help ofcourse )

    Im giving you an EXTREMELY high rate of success if you keep on going, don't give up and build those links and get that traffic .

    You can do it, FOCUS all your attention on getting traffic (Get google analytics on the website if you don't already. Put some adsense at the bottom or something... some extra cash (bottom so that less people leave ur site)
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    I agree with David, your site looks great but you really need to start working on back links and basic seo. Article writing is one way to get links and you will get some traffic from the articles as well. A good place to start would be watching stomping the search engines by stompernet. You can get it here Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 Digital SEO Course | StomperNet for a dollar for subscribing. Just make sure you cancel it before a month goes by or you will be charged for the following months until you cancel.



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    You have a pretty good-looking site there, I think you're on your way. As for whatever or not it's worth it, I'd say ask some of the Warriors here who are doing very well. Many probably started the same way you're starting. Best of luck.
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    Nice site really, I think you are on the right track, just keep improving your site and keep doing seo and the results will come as well. Just do not give up too early.
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    Well I am in a article writing career .But now i am planning to switch towards managemant
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    It can be slow excruciating process getting to the level of making decent money from articles. There are so many with the mentality of tossing 2 bucks to obtain outsourced crap (and I use that word seriously) or "spinning" information into the ground that it tightens the market for those with true skills.

    Until Marketers get wise to the value of well written material, it's going to be hard for newcomers to get established solidly enough to make true money from it. The amount of people who even recognize quality let alone are willing to pay for it are scarce and most have reliable alliances already built.

    So you will have to decide exactly HOW skilled you are (I've seen people who can't form one really solid sentence who think they are just fine and dandy writers), how much time you have to pursue writing as a career, and what forms of writing you are willing to do. You might want to take some time and write a spectacular info product and market that a bit while establishing yourself because there are other forms of writing that just plain pay better even if you are in the 35 bucks an article quality level ranges.

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