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Can anybody tell me where the search option has gone from the toolbar menu. Is there another way to find posts/threads information etc ?

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    Hi, I just noticed this as well, I use google to search ie:

    keyword1 keyword2 site:warriorforum.com

    Maybe this was temp disabled because of the outage.
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      That technique cannot give the exact results through google. It will need the search option to get the proper results of warrior forum. I kindly request to the admin to please put the search box again so that it will be good for newbies to search the existing topics.
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      After I made my search box thread (previously) I did use Google to search the forum and found what I was looking for. Thanks Augydog some folks may not have known you could search this way.

      I do hope they bring it back because as someone else mentioned it makes it easier to find out if someone has asked the same question.

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    And I just went to my profile to see my latest threads I made, and Search Has been disabled.
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    I don't see the search function either. I think it has something to do with your settings. I don't really need that function right now so I'm not worried about it, but check your settings and send an email to admin.
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    Yes, something is certainly up with the search function. When I click the link on my profile to see all my past posts I the the message, "Searching has been disabled."

    Hopefully this is not permanent!
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    Something is certainly unusual right now. I just noticed that the "Thanks" button is also missing in action.
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    The major problem with no search function is that will be multiple posts asking exactly the same questions.

    If you look below this post you will see at least two asking "where is the search function".

    I understand that seach uses a lot of resources, but then again so does having multiple posts on the same topic. I hope it is fixed soon.
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    yeah, i was just about to make a thread on this but I saw this one. trying to show my mom a great video someone posted but I can't remember the person's user name, or the name of the thread
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    It's been posted in the main forum that the search and thanks functions have been turned off and will remain off until the "server" problems have been repaired. Have a little patience.

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