Some ideas for my offline business....BRAINSTORM!

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Hey warriors,

I am a commodities broker who is making a new trading program to present to prospects and current clients, and am in need of a catchy name.

It is a broker-assisted program where they would pay a slightly higher commission to receive advice on their chosen strategy, technical analysis on a market, help with order entry, a "second opinion, etc. etc.

A colleague of mine just opened a similar program at another company called the "V.I.P. trading program"

I am a little sketchy on the creative side, so you think you guys can spit some creative ideas for me regarding the name of my new program?
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    How about TradeCreations?
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    i read in a book that a good business name can be of two types

    1. Abstract and similar sounding to your service
    for example tradeko tradimo etc

    2. Second type is service name plus emotion word

    example: trade plus, trading guru etc

    hope that gives you some ideas..
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    Thanks for your replies...I went with "The Advantage Trader Program" which I am very happy with.

    Sometimes...I am just not that great on the creative end of things
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      Sounds intriguing.
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