How do you cancel an EIN?

by Janice Sperry 6 replies
Back in the 90's and early 2000's I used to sell jewelery on eBay and elsewhere. I don't run that business anymore and do not need the EIN. Even years later I still get snail mail, telephone calls, etc to buy health insurance, advertising and other things that many businesses need.

I can't seem to figure out how to expire/delete/cancel the EIN. Anybody know how to do that?
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    You can't. An EIN is like a Social Security number: it lasts forever.
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      You should at least close out your account with the IRS. Just send a letter to the IRS stating the reason why you are closing the business along with the complete legal name of the entity, the EIN, and mailing address. This will protect you in case some one else tries to use that number, because you are still liable for any income taxes until the IRS is notified. CDarklock is right; that number is permanently attached to you and your business, and never gets reassigned to anyone else.
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    Thank you both for that information. Very helpful!
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    This is such a useful information! I really should be careful with these stuff.
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      I doubt a U.S. tax id number is important in Bangkok.

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