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Hello Warriors,

I couldn't find the introduction topic so I thought the "Chat Room" might be a suitable place.

I'm Jordan from England, I was pointed to this site by somebody called "Lee MecKenna" when I randomly came across one of his sites.

Have a lot of ideas I know how to find niches and make money, the only problem I have is traffic.

Hopefully I can learn a lot here at warrior, as I'm told this is the place to be.

Regards, Jordan
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    Hi Jordan,I was just looking for the same thing! I'm new to this site as well and just wanted to introduce myself. I've dabbled here and there in different aspects of internet marketing, some more successfully than others. Looking to turn this into a serious business venture and this place looks to be the place to find out how to do that!Looking forward to learning lots on here and hopefully contributing some myself.Matt
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    Hi Jordan..

    You CAN learn a lot here. Its a great community with an abundance of information.

    And you are right, traffic is the hard part...its the heart of almost any marketing campaign. The good news is that there lots of great traffic generation ideas on this forum!!!

    A very warm Welcome, hope you learn a lot and contribute a lot!!

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    You are in the right place! Welcome to the forum Jordan.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Thanks for the welcome...
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    Greetings! Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself.

    My name is Joseph and I currently live in San Francisco. I've been lurking in the forums for a couple months now and really enjoy learning from such seasoned internet pros. Today I found this thread and thought I'd post a note.

    I have almost 20 years of B2C marketing experience; mostly in arts and entertainment. I've also been a graphic and web designer for about 10 years. When I got laid off from my job back in March, I decided to give up the "corporate" world (that I really didn't like) and try to make a *better* living working from home. As a marketer and a bit of a computer geek, I stumbled on to the numerous internet marketing opportunities and felt right at home.

    I think my marketing and web design experience has helped make the learning curve easier and faster. Now, I'm struggling a bit with the volume of opportunity. There are so many directions I'm interested in going that it's a little debilitating.

    Since I had so much time on my hands these last several (unemployed) months, I signed up for every webinar that would teach me something. (I *love* to learn new stuff!) Now, of course, everyone and their brother has something to sell me.

    I've gained a LOT of knowledge in the last few months and am VERY excited to be able to do this kind of work; mostly CPA and niche sights right now. But, how to balance what I actually do daily has thus far escaped me. I'm beginning to notice that I get so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing and that turns into a spiral that can last days. I'm extremely self-aware (or so my therapists used to tell me :p ) and love reading self-help/motivational books. So far though, I haven't found the right information/knowledge that speaks to me, lights a fire under my ass and helps me create a balanced work plan.

    A lot of people say to stop reading/watching gurus and put your nose down and "do." I agree with this but sometimes you just don't *want* to "do". Or, is that just me?

    Sorry, I didn't mean this to be a downer post. I'm super excited about all of the opportunity out there. I've always been known to be extremely passionate and a bit of a work-a-holic. Since I haven't been successfully self-employed before, I think I'm just struggling with creating a new balanced lifestyle. It probably makes it easier that I'm single and don't have family commitments. I feel extremely grateful for this forum and the vast knowledge its members provide.

    To everyone's success,

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