Warriors can I please get your opinion?

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Hey Warriors,

Wanted to hear your thoughts and opinion on the style of this "sneak peak" trailer I made?

BTW - I know it doesnt have a call to action. I only made this vid to get some feedback before I finalize the rest :-)

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    Very powerful video, honestly can say one of the best I've seen for a intro. You can really tell you had some pros working on this one.

    Great Job

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    Hi Kris,

    The style, ok. I liked it. The music is perfect, for me. I don't know
    if you did this on purpose, but the opening with driving and talking
    is good because when people are driving alone they are alone with
    their thoughts. So when you were talking about your early days
    in IM while you were driving, that was a good (and creative) approach.

    I also liked the way you didn't talk while you were driving. You know,
    you weren't driving and visibly talking. That seemed to reinforce what
    I said in the first paragraph.

    There was a good, but short, mix of glimpses of your personal life and
    age. Having the audio over-dubbed like that made it more effective in
    some way I can't describe very well. The music helped a lot. The tempo
    seemed to be fitting.

    I guess in some ways it reminded me of the style used in TV a lot. The
    person doing the reporting is talking while they show images of the story.
    So maybe in that sense it adds something different to your video.

    I wouldn't change anything to it, and it's very nicely done.

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    Hey Kris,
    Great video. Crisp and fresh and wonderfully natural. Great smile too, made me want to know more which is what it is all about, right? Can I ask what it was filmed with and who did it please? Great Job )

    Leanne O
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    nice..i can relate men..im struggling newbie here..nice job.
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    It's such a beautiful video! Congratulations.
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