Anyone else having this login issue?

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For some reason when I try to login on my new Samsung Galaxy S phone onto the Warrior Forum, it accepts my login details, says welcome, please click the link if you are not re-directed and then proceeds to take me back to the home page logged out! Anyone know what the issue is. The phone is brand new so it can't be a cache issue which I have noticed happens with IE8. Anyone know? How in the world do I even reach Warrior Forum tech support?

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    Hey inneraction, here is the link for support:

    Warrior Forum Helpdesk

    Good luck!
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    It happens to me with IE. I simply can not log in at all with it, so I only use chrome.
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    There IS apparently a bug in the forum so you may end up on the first page looking like you haven't logged in, but if you click a topic, you will be logged in.

    BTW I like your joke about how it CAN'T be your phone because it is new! 8-)

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