Ha ha ... Angry Birds Droid Full Version: Now I'll Never Get Any Work Done

by sbucciarel Banned
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It's official and it's free (mobile ads being served). The servers got overloaded at GetJar so someone put it on MediaFire.

From my blog:

Get it now at GetJar (Page not found). Just a warning--the server is extremely busy since this announcement and that is why it says Page Not Found. You can download it right now at AngryBirds_1.3.5.apk at Mediafire. Instructions for installing to your mobile phone can be found How to Install APK files on your Google Android Phone. It will be available in the Android Market and Motorola SHOP4APPS, free of charge soon.

Now I have the beta version and the full version. I think I need a VA to do my work for me.

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