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Hello all,

Just thought I would introduce myself with my first post. I have been looking around the site for the last month or so.

Wow! Loads of brilliant information, ideas & help, infact probably too much info, it is all a bit mind boggling! I wish I had found the site a couple of years ago, when I first became interested in IM

I'm not a complete newbie, I was a member of Income Elite(you may have heard of them?) for 5 months,which all started very well but lots of broken promises not delivered & the core staff all disappearing, did leave a sour taste! But I did learn a lot & managed to get one site up & running, which still does ok for traffic but not sales. Unfortunately I picked more of an information niche than buying one, never mind time to move on!

Anyway look forward to swapping ideas, info & help!

Cheers Martyn...
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    Hi Martyn, welcome to the forum! I know what you mean about it being mind boggling - there's so much info around and always something new to learn. Hope it helps you on your IM journey.
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    Welcome Martyn, glad to have you aboard. And you're right, you've got to keep it moving if you ever plan on doing any real money online. Don't let hang-ups slow you down buddy! Stay motivated and keep working at it and you'll get there
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    • Hey Martyn, welcome to one of the biggest IM forums online Hopefully you'll find your place in here, good luck! (And don't get caught up buying one WSO after the next :p)
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    Hi Martyn, welcome you to warrior forum!

    If you want to learn more serious stuffs, you gonna join as War Room member. Cheers!
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    Hi Martyn,

    Welcome to the forums. With all the valuable information here, you are sure to find yourself and great buying niche, LOTS of great buying niches!
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    Welcome Martyn. Yeah there definately is a wealth of information here, but if you can find a way to organize the information you get from the forum, you'll never go wrong.

    Since you have decent traffic to an information site and nobody's buying, why not try monetize with adsense?
    "Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."
    William Butler Yeats
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    Hey, Martyn! I'm a new warrior, too! I've been a lurker for a while, but I joined the War Room today. I look forward to learning right along with you.

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    Hi Martyn. Welcome Welcome...
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    Welcome and enjoy your stay

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      Hi Martin. Hope you have fun, make new IM friends and earns lots of money!
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    Hi Martyn. Welcome to the forum. There's a ton of great information here and a lot of experienced people who can show you the right way to succeed online.

    "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."
    from Invictus by William Ernest Henley

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    Hi Martyn,
    Welcome! & yes you should consider becoming a war room member. Low price and the private war room is beyond explanation!

    I would take your experience with Income Elite and keep whatever nuggets you picked up from them (hopefully they gave you something besides grief!) and just move on. No BS in here...

    Let us know how you make out and I'll watch for your first WSO

    Toss up a pic of yourself or a cool avatar... We like that in here...

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    Hi Martyn! Welcome to the forum, and yes, there is a ton of valuable information here, not to mention some of the best minds in the business. Use the information wisely and you should be just fine.
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      Thanks to all for the warm welcome & the already useful tips!

      I'm off now to join The War Room & add adsense to my site!!

      Cheers Mart..
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    Welcome, Martyn.

    I look forward seeing you around on here.
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    Welcome! You are really going to love this forum. I spend more time in here than all other forums combined. People continually give out free advise that actually works. Pay attention and spend a lot of time in the main internet marketing section.
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