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I just saw some class videos about happiness on the net and got some lessons. That is think more about the happy things and try your best to avoid from thinking about sad things in your life. Then more happiness will happen in your life. Do you believe in it? Anyhow, is there any happy thing happened in your life today?
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    Yes, a positive attitude brings happiness. I'm sitting with my two dogs on the couch right now. They make me happy too!
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    The best quote I heard about the topic was, "Happiness isn't about having what you want, but wanting what you have." I firmly believe that and it explains how you can have everything (monetary) and still remain unhappy.
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    You know what makes me happy, working and making money online.
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    Thinking and very optimistic about life can make you happy and contented with what you have.

    Let them eat cake!

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    Just read the stories 'How much land does a man need?' and 'Ivan the fool' by Leo Tolstoy. All such inspirational stories have the wisdom that teaches us how to be happy.
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