Favorite Thing For Breakfast

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What is your favorite meal for breakfast?
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    Favorite - Bacon, Biscuits n' Gravy, and scattered hashbrowns with peppers $ onions. Mmmmmmm...

    Daily (Healthy) - Instant Oatmeal (various flavors) nuked for 2 minutes and then topped with frozen blueberries, and/or raspberries, and/or blackberries - let stand for 2 minutes and it's ready to eat. And it tastes pretty darn good.


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      Kellogg's Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed organic milk. Mmmmm....
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    Cannot beat bacon, eggs (with cheese) and wheat toast. But it's a gut buster ... can't do very often!
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    A Layer of hash browns on the bottom then, 2 scrambled eggs with green pepper and onion on top of that. Sprinkled with coby jack cheese and then sausage gavy on the top. I call it a heart attack in a bowl. plus I like a bowl with freshed mixed fruit.

    I usually don't eat this very often it's normally just mini wheats.

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      eggs and ham
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    usually no breakfast! maybe a bottle of water
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    Breakfast??? I'm up for dinner. Lunch at best.
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    Favorite and Never again now that I don't work in an office, would be either a chocolate croissant and freshly ground coffee, or 2 Krispy Kreme Glazed donuts and coffee.

    Reality, 2 Multi-grain toaster waffles and either MorningStar Farms (vegetarian) sausage or bacon, with organic honey on top, and coffee.

    Health/Staying thin is so boring....
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    My favorite meal for breakfast is quite the hearty one:

    3 eggs scrambled with milk cream, cheese, and butter

    2 full lumberjack beef sausage links

    2 to 3 Sweet cream and butter pancakes

    About a cup and a half of hot cheesy grits

    Yummy! This thread is making me hungry...:rolleyes:

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    My favorite food is toast. I once had 11 pieces for breakfast, and
    would you believe people think I can't cook?

    It started while hitchhiking around Europe without much money
    hundreds of internet years ago. Our diet was mostly bread and
    fruit out of the grocery stores and I was really impressed with the
    breads. Every country had such a different kind, and they were
    all so good. Toast is just an extra refinement.

    Darn it, there must be something better I can do with my time
    than post in this forum. I know, I bought a bulk pack of 1000
    coffee filters. I'll go and separate them all now so that I never
    have 2 sticking together when I'm trying to make coffee.

    ....( )/ ( )...

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      mmmm.. have a few favorites that i like to cook (and eat)

      Bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns/fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy, & fresh fruit

      thick-sliced, orange-cranberry french toast

      chorizo & eggs
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      Originally Posted by Lloyd Buchinski View Post

      I know, I bought a bulk pack of 1000
      coffee filters. I'll go and separate them all now so that I never
      have 2 sticking together when I'm trying to make coffee.

      ....( )/ ( )...
      Lightly dampen the tips of your thumb and forefinger, reach down in the bottom of the filter and pinch the bottom...

      You'll pull the top one out every time.
      Professional Googler
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    I just cooked some yummy breakfast. Cooked up some sausage and mixed it in with my peppered country gravy. Then spread the gravy over some nice hot biscuits....

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      ham & cheese omelet with a side of bacon and hashbrowns
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      Originally Posted by richard655 View Post

      I have Rice, Fruit, an some times eggs with bacon, maybe toast. Always with a large glass of water. An sometimes A grass of beer with breakfast,where i come from beer drinking in the moring is something we all did. But that is not for everone.
      My father was German so I understand the glass of beer with breakfast thing.
      Usually it was in a juice glass at my house.

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        Usually, I just have coffee, but I love a breakfast of eggs, hash browns with ham, grits (sometimes), biscuits, bacon and gravy. Yum!!
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      A sardine sandwich with a glass of ice cold buttermilk....good and good for you!

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    I normally skip breakfast,i know this is really bad but....
    But sometimes i feed on Milk,Tea Juice and Eggs.
    Yup thats about it.
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      Mangoes, grapes, apricots, plums, peaches, pears and watermelon.
      I always start the day with fruit, the juicier the better.
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    Tea and sandwiches, but I have found a great cheese that I put on my sandwiches :-)
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    I have to say that I enjoy a good old full Scottish breakfast but I only enjoy that once in a blue moon otherwise I would be the size of a house.

    Usually a bowl of cereal or some toast and butter.

    Just now is whatever I can stomach as I am 9 weeks pregnant and have terrible 'all day sickness' bleugh!!!

    Partial to some panckaes and maple syrup also! Oh me I am getting hungry just thinking about all this food haha
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      Bowl of oatmeal complete with 1/4 cup raisins/ 1/3 cup pecans and spoon of brown sugar on top....If I don't want to take time to make this I just grab a couple of the oatmeal cookies my wife makes with essentially the same recipe!!

      There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    My favorite thing to eat in the morning for egg with bacon and one cup of hot tea.
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      In fantasy land,
      How about everything i can stack on a plate
      Pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham, toast, hash browns, all covered in maple
      syrup, some cookies.....kind of like eating at a buffet
      Oh, yeah, and a big cup of hot chocolate and a glazed donut
      But really, in the past it would probably be some chilidogs and
      a cup of hot chocolate

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        This is now a 10 minute walk from my apartment, which is a little dangerous. This bakery is divine, and for those mornings where you don't want a full out brunch, it's nice to drop in and pick up a chocolatine or pastry and a cup of delicious, strong coffee and walk around the neighbourhood. It feels a little fancy. They also do their own version of the breakfast sandwich
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    i like a good ol egg white, turkey bacon and wheat bread sandwich mm mmm mmmmm
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    i could have 'egg in a basket' every day.
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    Before my "minor" heart attack I woud have said either a McDonald's steak, egg and chees bagel, or sausage, bacon, egss, hash browns, pancakes with butter and syrup, fried potatoes with cheese sauce, a biscuit and black coffee to wash it down.

    Now I would say either a big bowl of oatmeal with banana, walnuts and honey (or a cup of blueberries, almonds, a little dried fruit and honey), or a smoothie consisting of...

    1c. plain non-fat yogurt
    1c. frozen blueberries (or other frozen berries)
    1 banana (optional)
    1/2c. orange juice
    1T. honey

    And, as soon as I remember to get them, add: 1 or 2T. flaxseed and 1 or 2T. wheat germ.

    The oatmeal keeps me fuller, but the smoothie is more refreshing.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Toast with scrambled eggs
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      Blood Pudding.
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    It used to be Eggs over medium with bacon and hash browns. Now I had to eliminate bacon health reasons and since my operation for my cochlear implant messed up my taste buds I can only eat eggs scrambled. So now it's just maybe a waffle soem days.

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    Im on a staple diet of coffee and muesli with strawberries, blueberries and natural yoghurt. Delicious. I still love a good old full Irish breakfast though.
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    Cup of tea, scrambled egg with Ketchup & a bread
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    A big bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
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    On a good day i would make myself three pieces of belgian waffles with whipped cream topping and a glaze of maple syrup for starters. Id fry some crispy honey cured bacon and mix me three eggs, some brown sugar shredded parma ham and eden cheese, fold it into a fluff with milk then fry i in the pan. I finish up with a small fruit bowl and a glass of iced green tea .
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