Jimmy McPerson - The guy who killed Hitler...

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Okay.. You might have seen this before, but it's still funny. I like the way it's written. The guy must have grown up to become a copywriter...

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    Well, Who knows about harlem. I used to always think paris was in FRANCE! Though it IS, it is also in Texas, etc... And the Japanese DID, to some degree, attack America. And LOTS of things are LOST to history and eventually pop back up again. If there is a paper trail, some media, or a person that remembers the event, it can pop up at any moment.

    Still, that post is clearly just TOO wrong.

    What is it, some school paper for english class?

    BTW it was ALSO late enough that his parents weren't slaves!

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    you hurt my stomach man..
    that sounds like some scene from Naked Gun or Hot Shots movie

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