Do You Listen to Music While Workin?

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I know some people find it a distraction, I generally can't get on without it. If you do, what kind of music? I just made a mass playlist of all the music on my computer on random, it's getting the job done.
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    It's great for motivation if I'm writing articles I don't have to think too much to write about.

    I do usually listen to music - iTunes radio or my own playlists.

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      I've been in the music business for over 30 years and yet, I don't listen to
      music while I work. I need quiet so I can think.

      But otherwise, I love music. If I wasn't doing IM for a living, I'd devote all
      my time to my music.
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      I found today that I get much more accomplished if I leave the music and television turned off. I used it as a reward today, (ie, once I get a certain amount of work done I can take a break and listen to music or watch a tv episode). I got pretty motivated to get it done to get rid of the silence.
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    i would like to but out of health and saftey reasons my employer only allows to use one earphone at a time (to hear the fire alarm with the other ear) ...
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    it makes me calm, and easily getting things is my partner at work.
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      I'm with Steven on this one. When I'm working music distracts me because I find myself paying more attention to the music than to the work.
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        Depends on what I'm doing. Here's one of my latest finds - Eluveitie, a Swiss Pagan Metal group. They sing in Gaulish (ancient language of Helvetia).

        Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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    I do sometimes, just depends upon the task, like if I'm trying to write a script to go with a project. Music can get the thoughts flowing in that direction. Once the direction is pinpointed though, off with the tunes and on with the focused writing.

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    Great, so now we know Riley's secret.

    He listens to goulish metal set in Helvetica.
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    Want a state change before you crank out some work?

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    I have multiple stations on Pandora One depending on my mood. Right now it's all Michael Jackson music playing, earlier it was Journey/Def Leppard. I also have a bunch of classical stations on there. Interestingly, studies prove that listening to classical stimulates the brain to be more creative. I find myself to be more focused and productive when I'm listening.
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    hha, I like this topic, I always listen music while working.
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    Yes and no.. it depends on my mood..

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  • I do when the shop floor is empty. Otherwise, I am techincally 'broadcasting copyrighted material' which is illegal. I refuse to get a music license. In fact, in the music shop I just make/play the music myself rather than listen to an iPod.

    And remember, if in doubt.... TURN IT UP!!
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      I always listen to music otherwise I'd just feel too alone I don't like it when it's quiet.

      I listen to very fast music but I prefer it not to have any lyrics because they tend to push away all the thoughts that actually have something to do with working.

      Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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    earlier i used to find music distracting while working but now i like it (feels like a relief)
    don't know the reason but this is what i have observed
    I don't have a signature dude!
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