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Just curious to see what most of you prefer.. I generally work on my desktop, it is a powerhorse and love the big monitor, but at times when I am watching TV or late at night take the laptop to bed and work from there, nice and cozy. What is your preference and why?
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    I am always working in different areas of the house so use my laptop. It used to be a desktop but for some reason I gravitated more and more towards the laptop and stuck with that.
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      Ive got two laptops, one is normally in my office and then the other is in the living room
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    I prefer laptops these days. They're much more convenient and technology has improved greatly where they are just as powerful as a desktop.
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    My main PC is setup at my work station with all the amenities of comfort added... padded chair, lights, drink holder, desk space, etc, etc. I like working here. The laptop is good when I feel the desire to work else where, as it is wireless. I don't like the smaller keyboard and screen, but like anything else, the more you use it, the more you get comfortable with it.


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    I use a laptop. You can take it wherever you go and it just seems nicer overall.

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    I use Desktop for all the heavy work and Laptop for the basic stuff like web updates and writing.
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    I am using My Computer upto 14 hrs daily both for studies and internet marketing
    I burnt my desktop twice in summers when temperature were around 40 degree C (104 F) So I am now using my desktop and laptop alternately
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    I have a desktop because I got it to run Photoshop and Lightroom. I definitely want to get a laptop so I can work at more than one location.


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    I use both.
    desktop when I'm at home and laptop when I need to travel.
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    I prefer laptops because they can be moved around and I like to move around a lot. Laptops are also faster then PC's usually or it could just be mine! Laptops are just very convenient for multipurposes.
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    I used to have a nice "office setup"... three screens, powerhouse of a desktop computer, etc. etc. etc.... but I found myself using my laptop 98% of the time so I sold all the clutter and run my business from my laptop now.
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      Originally Posted by mr2monster View Post

      I used to have a nice "office setup"... three screens, powerhouse of a desktop computer, etc. etc. etc.... but I found myself using my laptop 98% of the time so I sold all the clutter and run my business from my laptop now.
      Multiple monitors is very nice. I originally bought a second for photo editing, but find myself using the second for everyday use. Very efficient.


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    At first I was using my desktop and now I can't imagine not using my laptop around the house. Besides when I want a desktop like experience uh yeah I put my laptop on the desk. No cords to plug up and no bulky speakers or mouse or keyword. I had wireless everything with my desktop and this is so much easier. I only gotta plus it up when it is dying lol.
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    Laptop 100% over Desktop. Used Desktop for 6 years. So I thought...

    "What if there was a Laptop as powerful as a Desktop?"

    And there is: Dell M6500 (Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation Details | Dell Australia)

    It's the latest i7 processor. With Nvidia card used for heavy Modelling/Video work.

    And I've connected my external monitor/keyboard/mouse to the laptop.

    So it's acting like a Desktop, yet has portability to take my entire business anywhere.

    In overall, Laptop wins out by every factor.

    Imagine you want to take a 3 day trip. What you gonna do?

    a) Take the whole damn desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse. Including it's weight, complicated setup and cables? Let's not forget the space it would take up in your car.

    Including it's massive heat generation, and electricity costs (since typical biz owner has computer turned on most of the day).


    b) Laptop.

    That's what I mean. :-)
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    Both here too, but laptop is for my day job and the desktop for IM and personal business.
    I am concerned with having my entire business in an easy to steal(or confiscated) package, not to mention catastrophic damage. I've been thinking about a cloud syncing service for all my files. I currently use Dropbox for some but not all so Ill be wary again for reasons above stated to use a laptop and my "main" machine.
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    After so many years of working online, I find myself using both equal amount of time. Both computers are setup with all my marketing work. The desktop is mostly used for application and development (such as C#, ASP.NET, C/C++, etc) and web development.

    Even when I travel, I have LogMeIn on laptop so I can remotely connect to the desktop at home and still work on both.
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    I love my laptop and don't think I could go back to a desktop. I sit at the dining table or in the lounge and work and best of all, when we go away for the weekend I can take it with me.
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    Large monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse plugged into the laptop sitting under my desk.

    Unplug two things and me and my laptop can hit the road (or couch) at a moments notice.

    It's the best of both worlds.

    I don't think I'll ever go back to using an old school desktop computer. I don't see the point these days unless you're using 3d studio max to model a dinosaur for Jurassic Park XII.
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    Dekstops for the most part. I enjoy working/surfing the web on a large monitor. I occasionally use my laptop when I take it to somewhere with a WiFi connection just to get out of the house.
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    I will prefer laptop it is handy and portable you can able to work anywhere.
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    Hmmm, good question....I prefer desktop becuase you have that more "official" feel, hahaha, but then again, laptop is nice because you can do anything with it practically anywhere

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    Both. I couldn't stand working on a laptop every day. On the other hand, the desktop isn't very portable. If I could only have one, I'd take the desktop. Guess that's why I have 3 desktops and only one laptop.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      It's interesting to see all the responses. I do feel more official and get more done on my desktop, it puts me in the right frame of mind to get work done, with my large desk and all the stuff. However at times I find the best blog posts come from pure inspiration from the weirdest things, which is why I love my laptop and being portable.. Glad I don't have to choose between the two..
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    Currently I use a laptop, with i3 processor. But I still miss the time when I used desktop with LCD monitor. Now I carry the laptop back and forth from home to office daily. It's heavy.
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    I only use a laptop because it's so portable. Added bonus: laptops use much less electricity than desktops. I guess you sometimes learn stuff when researching niches

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    I also love laptop as it is easy to carry and i can always be online and do my work from anywhere.
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    I play games so.. I prefer desktop

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    Laptop all the away, desktops are history now.

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    I prefer laptops because it very handy. You can bring it with you anywhere.
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    I agree with laptop because we can use anywhere.

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    i used (i7) desktop to heavy work in office & laptop is easy to carry and can use anywhere !
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      I prefer laptop because i have to work when I am traveling so it was not possible on desktop. But when you are using laptop yop have to take care of it battery because in laptop it was big issue.
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    Desktop all the way. More power, bigger screens, the most comfy.

    Wish I still had my netbook though. I could take that anywhere.
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        Originally Posted by alvinflurd View Post

        As my opinion, The laptop is better than the desktop. It is easy to change the place of laptop than desktop. The laptop need the less space to adjust any place and it also possible to work with laptop into garden and some other places where the electricity is not possible.
        WOW, you work your laptop into the garden? YIKES! Hey, Just mail it to me, I could use it. I'm telling you right now planting it won't grow more laptops!

        J/K I couldn't resist!

        Actually, I COULD say a desktop is better! It is easy to change the screen and expand, tends to have more generic parts, is cheaper and can be built to run faster! ALSO, it is LARGER so there is more dead air space to keep it cooler! It has a bigger fan, to keep it cooler. And it may be larger and weigh more, so it is harder to steal and more stable. Being more stable, it is easier to keep it in one place which can allow you to use a FIXED IP address! OH YEAH, the disk technology in laptops usually LAGS! NOW that desktops often use what USED to be the laptop standard, laptops have moved to smaller, cooler, and often SLOWER drives.

        So the very reasons YOU would buy a laptop are the reasons why someone else may buy a desktop instead.

        Oh yeah, laptops USUALLY use processors MADE for laptops which are cooler, and use less power, but they are also SLOWER. AND, if they go too fast and overheat, they will slow the clock rate down and may even FREEZE! USUALLY, just before this happens, or during, some of the latest laptops speed up the fan in an effort to cool it down. That is ANOTHER thing! WHY don't they run the fan full bore ALL the time? More wear, more power, and more noise, so they do this as a compromise.

        ANOTHER thing. In anotherr decade or two the CURRENT laptop drives MIGHT move to desktops AGAIN! They ALREADY have a REPLACEMENT! A drive made for PALMTOPS! Last I heard the maximum space on that drive was 40GB, but that was almost a decade ago! Most PALMTOPS have already moved to FLASH. Basically, the drive I mentioned was a stop gap measure for the larger units, since the smaller ones could always use the more expensive FLASH. And YEAH, SSD is getting cheaper in laptops but, by the time it gets cheap enough to replace the CURRENT drives, the drives will get larger. Of course this has already started and is happening.

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    i rather laptop though ive a desktop too, but im using iphone to surf net n online stuff 90% of the time.
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    I Use Desktop , because it is more durable than laptop
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    i'm more convenient using the laptop
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    You can get a more powerful machine (for the same amount of money) if you buy a desktop. However, for lifestyle and convenience - I am a laptop girl! I like to work in different areas of the house, in different locations, and I like to have my whole machine every time I travel. It's a traveling office!
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    I love my laptop and my netbook - small and portable. That's the only way. No more office set up for me. I love working anywhere - at home or in a coffee shop.
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    If I do more browsing, watching, or casual use of applications a laptop is best because of portability.

    But if I'm creating websites, editing graphics and video, beating deadlines, a 20+" big screen is best. I don't need portability in this case since these types of work are best done in an office or home setting.

    I've tried working on a project with a laptop in a coffee shop once thinking I'd be more creative and look cool but I didn't accomplish anything. The screen is small, table is small, the mouse keeps falling, you have to find a plug, Internet is slow, too many distractions. Haha.
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    Take the business anywhere
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      Everyday I work with a desktop but if I work out or work with clients I use a laptop
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    I always prefer to use my laptop because I can carry on easily with myself where I want .
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      I like the idea of a desktop since it's oftentimes sturdier and holds more memory, etc., but I always use a laptop. I like going outside to work sometimes and road trips are fun to work in the car. I get out of driving and I can just use an air card when I need internet.

      Laptops are the future. I predict desktops going away soon. What do you guys think?
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      I like to use laptop. You can use every time everywhere.
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    Laptop definitely.
    I've never had a desktop. Laptops can do anything a desktop does plus it's portable. With a desktop you have to attach the monitor to the cpu and keyboard and mouse etc....
    Hope this helps.

    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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      I prefer laptop late at night specially when i am doing multitasking watching tv n working but desk top has i own charm big screens are more fun
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      • Profile picture of the author bkkmma
        Using a desktop now, but my next purchase will be the best laptop i can afford......due to its obvious portability and my problems with my back !
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    • Profile picture of the author sylviad
      I spent 23 years behind a typewriter. Then, I spent the next 20 years behind a desktop computer, so as a few others have already said, the desktop feels more "official".

      I prefer the desktop (typewriter concept) because it has represented "work" for me for over 40 years. The keyboard is more comfortable and familiar as it's closer to an old electric typewriter.

      My laptop acts as my back room computer, when I want to enjoy summer and my beautiful back yard. Sitting beside my sliding patio door is as close as I can get to actually sitting outside. It's too bright to use my laptop out there.

      The plan from here is that once the desktop dies (which could be any day now), I'll probably go strictly laptop since it's barely been used since I bought it about 3 years ago. I like it because it's so compact - compared to the desktop which takes up an entire desk (monitor, keyboard, hard drive - and then printers).

      The laptop definitely is more flexible. When necessary, I can take it and work at the library if I choose, or in my car or anywhere else.

      Like other posters, I tend to think the desktop is more durable, but then, laptops have improved a ton since the first Toshiba I used back in '91.

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    I call the laptop, my Craptop..... so i am not a fan of these any more.

    Go desktop.
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  • Profile picture of the author jeff7117
    iMac 27" for GFX and web stuff. iPad for everything else. I need to get a laptop for a portable workstation tho.
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  • Profile picture of the author abelabner
    Acc to one's need. But Laptop can help you anytime anywhere.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rick B
    I love my laptop. I don't do anything so graphic or memory intensive that I need a powerhouse. My dual core laptop is nearly instantaneous at everything I ask of it.

    I travel a lot and the laptop easily goes along. I did spend a few more bucks this time for a 17" widescreen display. For watching videos I use reading glasses and it looks like I'm watching in a movie theater.
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    I much prefer having a desktop than a laptop. I heard from a friend. A desktop, you can upgrade its parts, laptops cant. for short laptops are somehow disposable.. The only advantage you could get from a laptop is that you can bring your work anywhere.
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    I currently use both but once my desktop goes down it will only be a lap top for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author shbond
    yup Laptop is good...but it doesnt mean that desktop is not good...its good but by using this u have been bound to sit on the same place and cant move with your PC....
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  • Profile picture of the author CopyAcolyte
    I have both. I use a my desktop when I can because the monitor is huge and I have it set up high above my eye level. This helps straighten my back up.

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  • Profile picture of the author apoul62
    Obviously its laptop.
    It give you portability and flexibility
    So, user can use it anywhere and anytime.
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  • Profile picture of the author limestone614
    Am I the only one?

    I use an iPad for comment posting, forums etc, webmaster tools.

    I use a desktop to initially build the site, and play games.

    I sit on the sofa with the kids and use the iPad...

    Work, rest and play.
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      I use desktop for website, blog design and developmental work
      Laptop for everything else.
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    I use a laptop. Yes, I miss large screen when I'm working in Photoshop or iMovie.
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    Laptop, can take it anywhere i like.
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    I prefer LAPTOP, easy to carry; can take it anywhere.
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    I prefer to use laptop because you can bring it with you and use it anywhere and browse the internet if there's a WiFi.
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  • Profile picture of the author eguynth
    desktop I build it to play games.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Peltonen
    I prefer desktop than laptop but it depends. I only want a laptop because it's obviously convenient to bring anywhere whenever I need to. But that's it. I love desktop computers because if something broken, I can easily replace or fix it unlike with laptops.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alstonlee
      Laptop is best for business use than Desktop for entertainment use.
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  • Profile picture of the author PromoDirect
    I would prefer Laptop over desktop because I can carry it with me. However, I feel comfortable working on desktop.
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  • Profile picture of the author dagaul101
    I prefer the desk top, has all the programs I need, and no risk of the battery dying on me
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  • Profile picture of the author ngseosept
    Laptop definitely, since I can carry it anywhere specially in my bed whenever I feel like to lay down while I'm doing my work.

    Let them eat cake!

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  • Profile picture of the author androstuff
    sony lep-top is world best brand ..
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  • Profile picture of the author techwpblog
    i love to work on laptop.....
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  • Profile picture of the author John M Kane
    Laptops for most schtupf as they don't heat up my small den live the Easy Bake Oven that my desktop is.
    Plus the fans are much more noisy.
    But, I like the desktop too as I have drive bat in front that allows you to quickly swap hard drive OS.
    I have Ubuntu, Xp and another 3rd drive messing with OSX and other versions of Linux.
    I do that with the laptops too but they require me to do more work to get the drive out.
    I rarely take a laptop out of the house.
    and I NEVER use the touch pad,HATE THEM!, so mouse in dah house for laptop.
    although the little button device on the Thinkpad is not too shabby.
    Looking into a vertical mouse to help the carpal tunnel
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  • Profile picture of the author Nick Walker
    Laptops overheat often.
    i recommend going to neweggs and purchasing parts and customising the computer yourself, its extremely cheaper that way.
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