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Today a received Kevin Riley's Newsletter.
Here's the the exact copy of it.
May The Lord bless the Japanese people.
Thank You Kevin for the newsletter.
"While the foreign press has been spreading fear and panic
across the world, the Japanese have been hard at work.
Rather than running around like Chicken Little - crying
"The sky is falling!" or "The nuclear plants are melting!"
- the Japanese have been repairing the damage and getting
on with life.

Please see this picture my friend Lem in Chiba prefecture
shared on Facebook. These photos were taken 4 days apart,
the second one 4 days after the big quake.

It's the same with your online business. When disaster
strikes (a hacker takes down your site, Paypal closes your
account, a partner cheats you out of money, or your computer
wheezes and dies), you have two options:

1. Panic. Moan. Complain. Give up. All that leads to is a
loss. Loss of that chance to build your own business. Loss
of the freedom of running your own business, as you run
back to the "security" of a job.

2. Suck it up. Put your head down. Fix the problem. That
leads to a win. That leads to success. That leads to a good
life with your own online business.

Sure ... it's not easy when disaster strikes. My fellow
countrymen up north who have lost everything - homes,
belongings, family members - are not finding it easy. But,
they are putting their heads down and fixing the problem.

In comparison, those problems that hold you back from
succeeding with your own online business - those little
"disasters" that rear their ugly heads - are really quite
small. If you just put your head down and be determined to
beat it, you will!

With a "Can do" attitude and commitment to success, you can
build a successful online business that will provide you
with a good income and allow you to get out of the 9-5.
Just do it!"

Thank You Again!!
#panic #rebuild
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    Originally Posted by Meharis View Post

    These photos were taken 4 days apart, the second one 4 days after the big quake.
    4 days? Well that's pretty damn impressive.

    And Kevin is right about some media reports. You could paraphrase a lot of them with: "AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!"
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      impressive indeed. the japanese sure know how to get up back on their feet that fast and that efficiently, it's ridiculously amazing.
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