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For Christmas every year my husband and I travel SO SO much and I honestly cannot stand having to visit 3-4 different places. It wears me out, especially when the kids come with us.

So my question is......what are your plans for Christmas? Do you have to travel and visit many different places? If so how do you feel about all the traveling??
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    This year is the first time that I'm actually going to be able to celebrate the holidays with my family in 7 yrs. I have worked the last two at my current job and the previous 5 I was in the military so I didn't get to see them. So this year I'm kinda glad that I'm going to travel a hole 20miles or so to my parents house then probably later to my girlfriends family which is about 40 miles from my parents. So not to bad for me and kinda looking forward to it.
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      Im glad to hear you get to spend some time with your family for the first time in years!
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        No plans, no family. I will be on my own. Will go to a friend's organ recitals at his church that evening (he has two an early one and a later one). I have no idea what I will do on Christmas day.

        The same applies for New Year's eve and New Year's day. I will be on my own with no plans. It gets really noisy around here they do tons of very loud firecrackers so I will try to find a more quiet place for the two days. A monastery would be ideal, not for the religion but for the quiet times.
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      I work a part time job and offered to work on Christmas. Was scheduled off but I have no family in this area and have co-workers with small children who really need the day off. I made one of them happy

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      My wife,son and I go to my parents house early on Christmas Eve then we return to go to church for a couple of hours. Then on Christmas day we spend the day being slugs at home.

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