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I have a client who needs to find out how to find and get rid of malware on a website - it is called and I do internet branding and pr and although I can help with basic web design in joomla, wordpress and dreamweaver, I do not know the first thing about how to find or remove from a site.

How can I first find out what page it is on and then remove it? Is there a program that is universal you could recommend? I looked at some online tools but not sure what to get/buy/or download.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Heidi Richards Mooney,
Online PR and Marketing Expert
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    Being I have super good protection I checked out that site and yes it came up in my browser as an attack site.
    Your best bet would be to delete the files that are there and install the back up of the site.
    Baring that I think you would have to examine each file and look for the code.
    It's normally on the index file at the very bottom of the file.

    I almost forgot, you will also need to change the permissions on the file so the hacker can't get at it again.

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    Thank you so much ThomM for the reply. I forwarded to client to send to her webmaster.

    Have a super day... and then some,


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    You can send them this, too -
    My website was attacked by one of these viruses and it completely ate up my php system - had to change servers because their files contained the virus and had to be pulled and they weren't cooperating with fixing it so I could run the php portion of my site (incidentally the interactive portion). It was a mess. It had holes chewed in the site so that it was coming back in as fast as we could lock it out, too. Just ended up having to pull the whole thing off just to shut it down.

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    it's a hazard of using wordpress...make sure you change your account passwords + ftp passwords and rebuild from a backup. Make sure you change your wordpress passwords after as well.
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  • Well this was a heck of a lot harder to do than the others . Unlike anitvirus programs and firewalls, most people use MORE THAN ONE tool for removing spyware. These polls don't allow you to vote more than once so I've sort of generalized things.

    Just post which programs you use. If you have a new one that nobody has provided a link to, please feel free to do so :blink:

    I use a combo. Bazooka is probably one that isn't as popular as some others.

    These are my main tools:

    Ad-Aware SE

    Spybot Search and Destroy




    I have also used:


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