why don't we rent a tree house?

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but I am not sure how the bathroom works...

Treehouse Overlooking SF Bay in Burlingame
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    Fresh apples at your fingertips
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    Well I don't know anything about you so ...

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      Wouldn't that be a great place to sleep? Letting the dogs out might be a problem, though:p
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    Hmmm cute but not practical.
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    nice for summer, but i wouldn't want to be in there when there's a storm
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    I would guess they have a greater variety of bed bugs than most people.

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    4 freaking thousand dollars a month?

    The guys at Sigma Chi (GMI) frat house in the town I grew up in built a treehouse in the back 40 - it was awesome. The upstairs was completely covered wall to wall with mattresses, the downstairs was living room - stereo, phone to the frat house, the elevator (a rope and pulley system to the frat house - food and beer transport). and of course a ships steering wheel in the center of the room for group fantasies. When the party got late and the captain took the wheel, everyone took a trip. Nice deck outside to watch the stars.

    Been years since I thought of that tree house. I'm almost tempted to see who built this one -- wonder if it was one of the Sigma Chi guys.

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    If you're a sleep walker, this listing probably isn't the best for you.
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    If you promise to stay sober, you can get this (it fits 18 sober peoples): The Redwoods Treehouse
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    I'd rather stay there for a day or two with a girl. Not more, but the idea is well-planned and nice.
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    It will very cool and don't sate when rent a tree house.
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    I am sorry but what is tree house? i am not very understand

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      Hi, a play house or play hut built up high usually and constructed attached to a tree so to speak.

      Hope that helps.

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    Hi, yeah i totally love that idea of you know doing your own thing kind of stuff albeit in a tree house.

    The construction of it is pretty good you know with the stained glass window and all.

    Would i live in one, probably not there, but would love to build one like that at the back of my place.

    It is wise to keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final.

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    I hope this becomes available in my IKEA catalogue.
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    It will be nice to get rent a tree house but i din't see them till now i like to live in those houses.
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