bad chest infection doing the rounds in the uk

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ive had a chest infection for the last 3 weeks, ive tried antibiotics but have not helped at all.

now its started to feel like a bad cold/light flu as my throat hurts and my head is banging.

my partner has it, my son has it and lots of others i know have had it here in the uk

what worries me is the complete lack of information and acknowledgement from the uk authorities, has anyone else had this in the uk or worldwide?

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    thanks for that alexa, i did a search earlier and did not find anything recent but i do know lots of family, friends and others who have had this too. really suprised its not been mentioned much

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    Man theres some henous **** going around in oz / nz too

    I think I have glandular fever - had the same cough for 3 months

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