Couchsurfing! Whoooo!

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So, in Europe, I'm this massive couch surfer. I absolutely love the concept of being able to surf on people's couches.

Has anyone heard about it? Thought it would be interesting to see if there are any Warriors who are part of the website.

Here is my profile ,so you can see what it's all about: CouchSurfing - Jovana Sumar

Basically, you can stay by people for free =)
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    I tired finding the video, but no luck.
    Reverend Horton Heat has a song called Couch Surfing on their Space Heater album you would like

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    I'm also interested in people already doing this... was thinking about it the last few days as I have a spare room
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    It's amazing! I was a little worried about letting complete strangers into my home but if you research the people (see what feedback people are leaving), you can pretty much be safe.

    I've met tons of amazing people through Couchsurfing! Would be cool to surf at Warriors - since we all have so much in common - i.e. - making money
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