Gallbladder Surgery - Ouch

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So, I have been in a crazy amount of pain just about every day for the last few weeks.
I went to the E.R. at the start of it and was told I have gallstones and needed surgery to prevent infection in my liver.
That is fine with me, quick procedure, no problem.
The problem has been that I don't have insurance and because I am using a surgeon not affiliated with the hospital, I have to show proof of significant income to make sure I can pay my bills once the surgery is done.
About 50 pages of forms and 3 weeks later, I am told that the income that I make online is not real income.
Because it is not a check stub from an employer they don't like it.
I am going to the hospital tomorrow to get a different surgeon, one that is actually associated with the hospital, but I am just wondering, does anyone else have a problem showing proof of income. And if not, how do you do it?
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    A tax form from last year should be enough. I hope you are able to get the surgery done quickly, I had that pain for a year, because they couldn't find the problem, so I know just how painful it is. Sorry you are having to go through that, good luck with the surgery.

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    Ouch - good luck to you. Try drinking some lemonade in the meantime - it keeps stones from concreting - it might be able to dissolve them or at least keep them from growing.

    Not sure what I'd do in a pinch - US medical isn't the most user friendly system in the world.

    Good Luck to you.

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