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This is worth reading:

Nervous Breakdown? 21 Signs That Something Big Is About To Happen In The Financial World | GoldSilver.com
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    I've seen similar articles floating around on the net, too. Even though they're being used by sites interested in selling their gold and silver, some of the supporting articles do have merit.

    I'm no economist, but I think even a layman could see that Greece was reportedly the closest country to face bankruptcy. And the way I understood how the EU is set up, other countries would topple one by one if Greece fell. Like dominos apparently. Who knows.

    Just saw this report this morning:

    Greece: will get loans in time to avoid default - Yahoo! News

    Hopefully, that's good news. Only time will tell though. It will be interesting to see how October plays out ...
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      The best indicator/ sign that something big is going to happen in the economy.

      Listen to the chatter around you. When the normal lay person starts to populate
      their vocabulary with derivatives, sub prime mortgages, Euro zone, Forex, yen,
      euro, yuan, IMF, Bernanke, money supply, etc. you just know s**t is going to happen.
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