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What if you know someone who is suddenly in very serious financial trouble and needs help fast? I mean literally losing everything they own and have worked a lifetime for.

It is a friend and I don't have the money or resources to help much. But I thought, surely, on a marketing forum there are plenty of good ideas that might help me to literally save a life.

A brief explanation: This person is in need of money to pay bills, and even save her home, not just a home, but a ranch. This person is very kind and good-hearted, and has helped so-called "friends" in the past with literally thousands of dollars in loans, and a couple have even cheated her out of very large sums. And after many attempts to get repaid, she has had no success with finally turning to lawyers to recover her losses. The recent stock market downturns literally knocked her income from investments down to about 10% of the periodic checks she receives. Even her usual rentals on her ranch that usually were major income during the winter seasons are not there this year due to the economic downturns this season. And the banks and loan companies aren't responding at all.

This is an idea I had: What if I setup a page on the internet with a "donate" button. I thought, maybe I would try reaching out via contact, emails, to as many churches as I could find and make a donation request, explaining the situation. What do you think?

This is something that needs a quick substantial return, within a week to save her.
She has a couple of logs in the fire, a potential sale of a very expensive animal on Monday, and a possible "good faith mortgage" loan from a rich investor by the end of the month, but these aren't set in stone, and might not come to fruit.

So, I have not enough internet experience yet to do it all quickly with guaranteed success.
I do have a paypal account and web service where I can set things up.

What I would like here, is some literally, life-saving info, from those with more knowledge than me on the internet.

Any genious suggestions will be appreciated here. What would you do to get the best results fast? As in, someone's life depends on it. Surely there is a way to reach a few thousand people that would donate just a couple dollars or more to a good cause?

How would you approach it without being looked at as some sort of scammer and getting little help from anybody?

What would be the fastest way to reach as many people as possible within a very short period of time, like my idea of the churches for example, without being an internet guru, as I am just a humble novice who recently bought a couple WSO's here to learn and grow in this field.

I could also offer a service in return. A thank you. I have music creation and flash movie design experience. I could offer my service in exchange for donations. But then I couldn't do that for every single small donor if it happened to reach hundreds or thousands of people. I wouldn't have the time for one-on-one return favors for that many. Maybe I could offer something generic, that could be sent to all, say the churches, for example?

Give me some good suggestions and ideas here, all you market gurus. Sometimes one good idea can work miracles. yep Surely there are a few miracle workers here who would serve in the interest of a charitable act?

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