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I am new here, just started learning the ropes. I would like to learn as much as i can about Affiliate Marketing in order that I may generate an online income for myself soon.

All advice from anyone is welcome.
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    Have you started to build your list yet? It's a MUST if you want to make good money affiliate marketing.

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      Hi and welcome. This is a great forum. Right off, join the War Room. Just don't start downloading tons of free stuff until you have a plan.

      amd yes, as they say, the money is in the list.

      But before that, I always advice people with making a list of what they like or have an interest in and then seeing if there is a market for that.

      I've found it is easier for a new person to start off with something they know something about or like themselves.

      Then, after that, it is all about doing the keyword research, getting a domain, autoresponder, etc. so that you can build your list.

      It can get overwhelming, but once you have a plan and list out the steps and just do them, you'll be ok.

      I also would say it is best to select one niche and one method to start and then go from there.

      Good luck.
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    You will be bombarded with good advice, better than I can give, but I hope this helps a little.

    Simply don't give up!

    It is going to be hard work but it really isn't rocket science. People are making money online and you really can too. Don't buy anything! Everything you need can be done for free (except hosting - but than can cost as little as 6$ a month.)

    Good luck my friend.
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    I'm new here as well, picked up a fair amount of information so far as well as confirmed some assumptions I had already formulated.

    There's no easy trick to make tons of cash, you're going to have to work - With that in mind.. Get to work!!

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    Hey ,
    Welcome , I am also new here . you need the following :

    1- you need a domain name =your website address
    2 - you need a web hosting where your files , and images are stored on internet
    3- an account with a weber , to send emails to you subscribers
    4- create your squeeze page , where you will subscribers will sign

    It's very important to offer something valuable like a free eBook on your squeeze page .

    Good luck

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      Hi There And Welcome To The Forum!

      this is a good place to learn and get started. Here u will find everything you'll need in order to get started in affiliate marketing.

      I bet that you've already bought a lot of stuff on the subject but now just put your card away and use the search box at the top of the forum: type in the right question and you'll get all the answer you need. It will take some time but it's well worth it.

      Now first thing first, the major problem for newbies is not information overload, but lack of result. On this forum there is tons of good info but many people who struggle getting started never have a good grip on taking the necessary steps, therefore the real issue is lack of result.

      You picked your business model already which is a good thing.

      Next I would like you to write down your daily schedule which will be devided in 3 areas to spend your time on:

      1. research and study time where you look for your answers
      2. brainstorm where u take what u learnt and think about how to apply it to your business
      3. work time where you actually implement the stuff you've learnt

      When you brainstorm take a pen and paper and jot down your plan step by step. If you understand the big picture of affiliate marketing already all you need really is to break it down into tasks that you can work on on a daily basis.

      This schedule will allow you to learn and grow while you're actually working on your business. it will keep you focused on what it is that you actually need to do rather then keep looking out for more info and postpone the real work.

      Also, this is a business, there is no secret formula or software. Making money is just the consequence of doing good work.

      Hope this help,

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    Read, read, read. Then, apply, apply, apply. The information you seek is all on this website!
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    Homeworker13 - Brad here.

    Congratulations on taking the first step in a new adventure. As have others on the posts, I also recommend you don't spend money until you have a plan laid out for yourself.

    I worked out my approach over a month or so. I ended up with Chris Farrell Membership. I found Chris genuine and effective training on web techniques.

    He has been listed number one on IMReportCard.com frequently. If you take a look at his ratings you will see that he is far and away the highest commented program as well as highly rated - every month. You can read about Chris' rating on my blog here.

    The best part is that he includes free and unlimited hosting along with his training. Additionally, he has a team of technicians that will always help.

    I got into trouble with my blog and had to ask for their help. You are welcomed to read up in my blog - his folks fixed my problem - immediately. I think you will learn a lot about his program in my post you can read here.

    Great training and great community. I encourage you to use his free ebook when you take a look at my post. Just like all the other comments say - you will find you can do almost everything for free.

    Chris' ebook will be a perfect resource with no upsells.

    If you want some help - just drop a note on my blog.

    We all wish you every success. Cheers !

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    i hear you man! i've been part of the chris farrell membership for about two years and i like his approach. The greatest thing about Chris is that he make clear how to approach this business: by learning and applying a set of skills.

    Yes it will take some time but is well worth the shot. Especially if you don't understand yet how IM truly works.

    I defenetly recommend looking into his program as it will speed up the learning curve and it will give you all you need to get started right off the bat.

    We love you Chris!

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    Motivation and dedication is what your going to need here, don't give up just keep at it and you will succeed.
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    Read the WF as often as you can. Make a plan and follow it. IM requires you to learn new skills and keep trying until you find success. Don't give up.

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    Welcome to the site. There is a lot of great information you can find here about affiliate marketing. You can check out the warrior special offer section as well. You might be able to find some good reports that can help you get started with affiliate marketing.
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    hello there, welcome to the forum
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    What made you decide on affiliate marketing (AM)? Lots of other interesting things to see around here in addition to AM like adsense or being an amazon reseller. Spend some time here on the forums and do some research, you may decide to go in a new direction. I originally felt I would go the AM route but ended up doing adsense and it helped me understand a lot about getting a site ranked.

    The bottom line thou... Pick something and DO IT. Too many people just read and read and read and do nothing. Get a site up and start playing, its the best way to learn what works and what doesnt. Also, dont spend a lot of money on crap just yet. Get your site going, decide what you need help with and then, if you really feel the need, buy a product to help solve the issue. Too many people spend tons of money on products without knowing what problem they want to solve.

    I recently made a free informational site for beginners to IM, its in my signature. May give you some ideas for backlinking and indexing.

    Good Luck mate, glad to have you aboard!

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    If you have a few minutes, I would appreciate an opinion on my first real squidoo attempt at my Best Keyboard page.

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    Hi homeworker13
    Welcome to Warrior Forum..

    If you want start the Affiliate Marketing:
    1. You must have Domain, Hosting and Website/Squeeze Page.
    2. You must have Autoresponder for List Building.
    3. You must choose your Affiliate, mean Clickbank or other.
    4. Trial and Error is so important
    5. Learn, Learn, and Learn


    Andhika Wijaya
    Let me and my digital marketing agency help you to growth your sales and scaleup your digital business with affordable Warriors Price - Let's Talk by Skype
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