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Which one do you prefer, and why? Personally, I like the PS, but then, I've never really played the Xbox. :p
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    Xbox 360 ftw!. I still have my Sony PS2, and, I'll always be a Sony fan, but the 360 owns hand down. I like it because it has more of a selection for me in terms of games. Battlefield 3, Bullet Storm, etc.
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      I have both consoles, and the user experience of the PS3 and PSN struck me as much more intuitive and comprehensive. The 360's is serviceable, but lacks the attention to detail I have come to enjoy in the PS3's interface. Controller-wise, the two are comparable. 360's is too chunky, PS3's shoulder buttons are a little to easy to accidentally trigger when you set the controller down in your lap.

      My TV is a Westinghouse 1080p with a lot of input options in the back and automatic switching. You turn on a console, it switches to that input. Really nice, however the 360 tends to trigger the switch even when it's not on, which makes it an annoyance.

      Number and quality of games-wise, the PS3 has a more varied selection of quality games, while the 360 has a higher number of games total. If all you need are automatic weapons and sports, 360 is where it's at. As the poster above mentions, Battlefield 3, Bullet Storm...these games are the 360's bread and butter. If you need a more varied selection of genres, PS3 has that. Enslaved, Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted, and Resistance each offer entirely different play experiences.

      So overall, I put my vote with the PS3. Still enjoy my 360 though.
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    Couldn't vote because you didn't have wii listed.

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      That old chestnut!

      I'd say both are the same, but they aren't. If you game online the 360 is the better option for the fact there's more players and the voice chat can be heard.

      PS3 voice chat is terrible. I usually run voice through my laptop on MSN when playing with a friend on PS3. Of course this means I'm not communicating with everyone alese in the game.
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    xbox all the way!
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    PS3 has better exclusives (Forza/GearsOfWar/Halo are anything but bad, but PS has better ones imo) like Unchartered, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone, GodofWar, GranTurismo, MetalGearSolid, HeavyRain, FFXIII Versus just to name a few

    but it's all highly dependent on what each person likes (like ry6782010, if you love FPS' xbox wins)
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