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Amazingly, congresswoman Gabriel Gifford has partially recovered from gunshot directly to the head last year and is talking again.

The human body is amazing!

All The Best Gabby!!

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    So is millions of dollars of medical care when some people can't even afford a check up.
    The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. ~ Lin Yutang
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    That's true, LeeLee - but we can't begrudge Gabby having his life back -- only a system that allows that privilege only to those who can afford it.

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    Good point Sal. I don't really begrudge Gabby at all. I'm a little pissy about the fact that I (and most of us) would be pronounced upon arriving at the hospital with no insurance.

    I don't like all the incidental money sending her back and forth to watch her hubby rocket off. Again a matter of money. Lot of men and women would like to hug on their loved ones before they go back into battle.

    And what pisses me off the most is that no one remembers those who died. The media turned the whole affair into Gabbypalooza.
    The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. ~ Lin Yutang
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    Sal, I believe Gabby is a She!

    Clue #1, congresswoman.

    Happy B-Day Sal!
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    I've watch it in the news! I think she will live more years since she haven't finish his mission on earth; I mean to her constituents.
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    Let's be honest. Gabriel was LUCKY! It always looked like she had a good chance to recover enough to at least live a normal life and appear normal.

    As for healthcare? One reason why it is SO expensive is that SO many don't pay that they overcharge all that do. When I nearly died, I had to BEG to get temporary access to my phone to make one call, and I don't think ANYONE asked for my insurance info. I was LUCKY that that ONE time they seemed kind of fast. Oh well, I was near death, and came in after calling 911, so maybe they figured t was best. USUALLY, they treat me like I am madoff and have NO money at all.

    YEAH, they keep a lot of people waiting, etc... ALSO They keep ME waiting! One time, just as an EXAMPLE, and I am NOT kidding here, it took a long time to get me, while I was bleeding PROFUSELY! When I got to the hospital, it took over 3 hours before they even LOOKED at me! I was CONSTANTLY ignored that night, and only got two glasses of soda! I had to hold urine in that night because the bottle I was going in was full. I was THEN left in front of the hospital for HOURS! They LIED about calling a taxi! I didn't know where I was, and the phone was nearly dead. I kept BEGGING(LITERALLY) the visitors to ask the hospital to call a taxi, etc....

    BTW I had a number of things, like my bag, and computer, all placed such that I dare not even try to wheel the wheel chair, which was locked anyway. I was EXHAUSTED, TIRED, IN PAIN, and COULDN'T WALK! And I had a 6 figure job, and health insurance, and THEY KNEW IT! I was white, and so were many of them. I say that ONLY because so many scream racism.

    BTW it was in florence kentucky, USA. They officially call the airport ohio's, etc... but it is really kentucky, USA. So I wasn't even sure which STATE I was in!

    BTW I did NOT stay the night in a room. It was in a little bed in back of the ER where FEW people ever went. I was lucky if I even SAW anyone!

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