What recommendations do you have for educational Android tablet apps?

by maree
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Hi All,

Based on your experience, do you know of or can you recommend some good educational apps for Android tablets for high school aged students (14 to 18 years old) that support literacy, numeracy, organizational strategies, test-taking strategies, memory techniques or just reading activites etc.? I am looking for educational games the engage young teens who are not interested in traditional classroom teaching/learning.

I am interested in free ones, or Android apps that are not too costly ($2-$10).

I have searched the Android market and am interested in recommendations of anyone who has tried apps just for fun or even in the business world.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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    as I understand it, a guy had a cousin that was bad in math, and he created some tutorials. It grew and....Well...

    Khan Academy

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      Thanks so much. This is an excellent resource! It will be useful.
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        I didn't know androids took tablets (let alone learned that way): I don't remember Commander Data being prescribed anything by Dr. Crusher ...
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    WOW Alexa, I'm going to have to remember that one!

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      LOL!! Thanks Alexa! I need that !!

      Well played!!

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