You Donating To Wikipedia?

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I was just doing some project research, and clicked on a Wikipedia entry. Don't know how long they've been running this, but I just noticed it tonight.

Here's one of the links they're using for donations:

I donated, but was wondering how many others would give money to a site like Wikipedia?
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    Wow. I didn't even know you COULD donate to Wikipedia.

    I might consider a donation, after all, I use their free information all the time to educate myself about many things/people without giving it a second thought that they are a non-profit org.
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    Wiki takes Donations now? when did this happen?
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    Wikipedia has always run on donations. If I remember correctly, they do a donation drive every year around this time.
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    i donate 10$
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      i donate my wisdom occasionally

      that is priceless
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        Hi Mark,

        I think, the Wikipedia is useful for all of us. I often use to make search there. It's not difficult to me to imagine, how many people worked voluntarily on the information that is available there.

        They operate that sites and you know, that is not free of charge. And they should bear the cost of the site's and the staff's as well.

        I also faced with that donation request a week ago and - beeing aware of the above - I donated.

        All the best,


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    I think the timing of such request for donations is pretty suspicious, considering the fact that the Wikileaks scandal has made people confused about the relationship between Wikipedia and Wikileaks.
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