Kaspersky Antivirus Site Hacked

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This wouldn't inspire confidence in a company that makes security software:

Kaspersky Hacked By Over-X

NOD32 and Kaspersky Websites Hacked - Softpedia
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    Web servers often exploit a weakness in unix, and a LOT of software apparently doesn't check bounds, etc.... So there is a LOT to secure. You can't expect them to be PERFECT! NOW, if they have the databases on ANOTHER computer with SPECIAL passwords that are hidden, properly secured, etc... and systems with unrouteable IPs, then deeper breeches are SUBSTANTIALLY harder. If they segment it, and make the more secure parts isolated, deeper breeches become nearly impossible, and certainly impossible from another country.

    I was once on a system where I had to have three logins in sequence, and know where I had to go, in order to get to anything worthwhile. I once setup a system that wouldn't even respond until you typed a certain sequence of characters. We were never hacked, but I wonder if anyone tried while the modem was disconnected.

    Besides, who knows HOW they got in? Ever see wargames? They went a little too far, with the scifi garbage, but the way the hacker got in and what he tried was 100% REAL! That is how many hackers get in! THINK about it!

    1. He tried common passwords, like password.
    2. He found a list of used passwords and used IT!
    3. He tried to pretend he was someone else, and get others to help him.
    4. He asked friends in the industry to help.
    5. He got others to login for him.
    6. He researched the user.
    7. He exploited a hidden gateway in a program.

    I could go on, but NONE of those deal with physical security. They are ALL about the problems and gullibility of PEOPLE. Corporations TEND to guard against most by requiring a number of types of characters, slowing down logins, and reducing the number of incorrect attempts. ALSO, did they have friends on the inside!?!?!?!? Don't get me started THERE, but the US has NEVER been more vulnerable from THAT side!

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    Russians got hacked? What a piece of news!
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