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Hi everyone,
I just joined the warrior forum so Im totally new. I hope to meet some new and interesting people who can help with my internet marketing. I belive this is the number 1 place to be. Let me start by telling you (or admitting) Im no good at this at all, have a website, I dont have a clue about FTP or it's inner working so I bought this bundle from Brainhost as it came complete with 2 years hosting for less than £150.00 (moneys very tight)
My intention was to get into the CPA market, I also monetized my site with google adsense. Nothings happening at the moment because I can't afford to pay for PPC and the free traffic sites are like pulling teeth. I came here for your views and advice and this is my first step. Thank you all in advance. Please don't inundate me with offers just yet as Im totally skint :-(

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