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I finally rented this movie and watched it today. As with most Coen brothers movies, the quirky characters were funny but the plot was a little disjointed.

(Now, if I'd written the standard "Hi, I'm new here" you might not have read my post. I'm April, single mom, virtual assistant slash online business manager and writer. )

I'm interested in hearing what you thought of the movie, if you've seen it. I watched the special features on the DVD and they said this movie is basically about middle-aged people dealing with crisis. Ok, granted, the situation was a little bizarre but, like I said, the people made it funny.

Have you seen it? Did you think it lived up to the hype?
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    To me it wasn't that great. The Coen's are just a little too off the rocker to be effective and be mainstream popular. They seem to just chronically sew together the movie in pieces.

    But the stars show up on the movies and that's what obviously makes them work... and all the power to them to be able to attract them.
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    It was rubbish.

    Story was all over the place and it wasn't even remotely funny.

    The best part? The rocky road choc top I paid $5 for... 1/3 the cost of the movie and 10 times more satisfying.
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