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Hello everyone, I am new to this site and the the marketing world as well

I am trying to build a product online, I have two ideas:

1. Recipes for weight loss and health related, my own recipes what I normally eat that keeps me in good shape and prevent premature aging, eating right food.

2. My second project is relationship advice, not sure for guys or women LOL since I am a girl, I know how to be treated and maybe I can share some tips with guys on how to get more dates. If focusing on women, I can do the same, sharing what to do and not to..

What do you think?

Anyways I am planning to write an ebook for one of these projects so looking to hire a Ghost / Content writer with past experience writing Successful ebooks and blogs, Marketing background, creative and more. Why? a. I have no time, b. My English sucks lol

Where do i find a good writer? I am overwhelmed!! I am trying to hire people who already do blog maintenance for sucessful blogs around with good Alexa rank but Its impossible to find them, where do they hide???

Elance and odesk are overwhelming sites or perhaps I get like that since I have no experience.

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    Why don't you look right here on the forum. Go to the 'Warriors for Hire' section, there are a lot of great writers in there.
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